Breaking Hearts

Wow, what an amazing quote. ((Thanks for posting this Jan!!)) “”We must move away from asking God to take care of the things that are breaking our hearts to praying about the things that are breaking God’s heart.” – Margaret Gibb

How hard this is…I mean, I am moved by poetry, music, quotes… So instantly when I read this I was like, yeah! Amen! But then the conviction & unrest set in. First of all the conviction: I don’t do this. I’m being honest here so please don’t judge…but I don’t do this. I feel unrest because I pray for things that break my heart. I spend time expressing my gratitude & awe to God but I also seek Him about what breaks my heart and not necessarily what breaks His. For example, my husband is arriving any minute now back at Ft. Campbell for the week to live in his lonely barracks while his loving family wait for him at home. This breaks my heart. He will continue to wait for the next appointment to get word on his treatment plan for injuries he has suffered from serving in the war in Afghanistan and this breaks my heart. I am broken that my husband is in pain, that he/we aren’t sure what the next step is although we are hoping it will involve living at home; I’m broken that he has to live there away from us…his family that loves & needs him. So, when I pour out my heart in prayer aside from seeking his covering over the rest of the unit & soldiers that are still serving over there…I petition him for things that burden me such as the longing for my family to be able to live under the same roof again.

So…I feel convicted because I feel that I should pray more for things that break God’s heart. But that is when I realize, my prayer matters to God and I believe that He feels my pain & sorrow too. I believe that His heart is broken when we military families are pulled from our loved ones, left to remain in unknown places of uncertainty where we must find comfort in Him, each other, and our love for the ones we wait for. I believe that He is also burdened that my husband is hurt & awaiting medical care/treatment and that he is still away from his family. I believe that what matters to me, matters to my savior.

So… I believe that it is ok to pray for this thing that breaks my heart because I believe He knows my pain. Still, I do believe that I should pray more for things that break His heart that don’t directly involve me. That is where I must remove myself & remember this world is so much bigger than it seems. We really should take time to pray for our community, for our city, for our leaders, for our country and for those around the world who suffer. The current day martyrs that are dieing every day just for the simple fact that they profess their love for Jesus. For the widowed, homeless, father/motherless, hungry, needy, poor. Poor in spirit, poor in joy, poor in love, poor in necessities, etc. We should pray but we should also act.

It’s the holidays. The season of giving. What are you going to do to make a difference in the world around you. Make a choice today, if you can’t give of your time or money or other resources…there is something you can give that no one can say that they don’t have. You can give of your heart through prayer. Pray for those that are in need…and if you are capable of placing that heart-string-pulling-prayer into action, do something about what’s on your heart. Volunteer, give, share, offer a smile, hope, joy, love.

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