New Year New Me

sooooo…..My fitness goal for 2011 is to run a half marathon before I’m 30…as a 30th bday present to myself…as in 13.1 miles of a bday present to myself…and I’m excited & intimidated at the same time but God is good & he put this desire in my heart & I love running so I’m ready! Not sure I will feel this way at 6:30am Saturday when I am on my way to go run 8 miles with friends, but I’m ready now šŸ™‚ (maybe) haha! Yikes…That’s double the max amount I have run so far…help me Jesus! The most I have run at one time has been 4.5 miles without stopping…

Still, just like the message from Sunday at church…I refuse to live my life in fear. God gives me abilities beyond my comprehension & when I let Him take control & help me accomplish something…I know I can do it! I proclaim his promises that perfect love casts out all fear…I am proclaiming here and to everyone I know when the conversation allows that I am going to do this because I know that with the love & support of my family & friends and the great might of my great God, I can do anything! I hope to grow and become a better wife, parent, daughter, sister, friend, team leader, etc. I want to be the best “me” that God can help me be.

One of the ways I choose to do this is to not give in to negative speech. It is hard to not complain…but the Bible does call us to do everything without murmuring or complaining. Perhaps the seemingly negative situation is actually an opportunity to give God glory and be a blessing & share his love with others? Another way to not be negative is to not focus on how a situation is making me feel because that is very internally focused (on self) and not externally focused (i.e. on others) and so a way to get my sights on the external is that I try to remind myself to think of others often and that I should always give my family my best. No one else should get my best before they do, not a stranger in line at the grocery store or even a coworker, they should get my best – first. And while I am thinking of others, I can remind myself to consider how my words, actions, & even body language affects others.

I also want to get into the word more…I’m late on setting that goal šŸ˜¦ but I am committing to reading the word every day this year. The One Year Bible Online website is great about allowing you to get emails of your daily readings if your goal is to read through the entire bible. I want to continue to grow in my relationship with Christ because He ultimately makes me the best I can be…Time is one of our most prized commodities and our very breath is given to us by God…so it is the least we can do to commit to giving some of that time back to Him by spending some of it in His word…

Ok, well…it’s late & I have an early day tomorrow so if you made it this far in my ramblings about my goals: thanks šŸ™‚ God bless you & I pray that you too have taken the time to care enough about who God wants you to be as His beloved to set positive goals for yourself & to have set in place a plan of action to accomplish them!

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