Reflection: My grandfather’s legacy of audacious faith & the tugging on my heart…

Ever notice how in the box for your Facebook “Status” it asks what’s on your mind? Well…what was on my mind yesterday & remains on my mind is today…and myself…and my precious grandfather’s words. Yesterday was great, I was humbled with joy at the opportunity of singing on the praise team, and Pastor’s message was a blessing. I had a great time with my family and during some time alone I decided to enjoy a time of reflection and a particular quote from the message at church stood out to me… “It’s not about us. It’s about Him. Motive is one way to identify audacious faith” (-Pastor Chapman).

Philippians 1:20 is a verse that often reminds me of my grandfather, Big Bill. He said to me in his dying days that if he lives then he gains because he is here on this earth a little longer to share Jesus with others. But if the cancer was to take him away this time then he also gains because he will finally get to be with his beloved wife who had preceded him in death by approximately 25 years and he also took great joy in knowing that he would get to be with Jesus! He said he was like Paul in this way that either way he would gain. WOW! My grandfather had audacious faith. What a claim! He knew that he was soon to say goodbye to this world yet he embraced whatever God had for him because he knew that no matter what God would be glorified because his heart belonged to Him. He was heartbroken that he had (what he called) “wasted” so many years, but he was so thankful that I have found the Lord in my youth & he desperately wanted that for all of his children & grandchildren. He was so proud of each of them & loved them deeply. What a wonderful, and loving man he was. I miss him. He was very inspiring. It’s an amazing story, he was almost 81 when he gave his heart to Jesus & got baptized. The joy on his face when he told me is still a beautiful picture in my mind. He was glowing! He couldn’t wait to tell me that he was saved & was getting baptized & that he wanted me to be there.

Today at church our message was centered on overcoming barriers to audacious faith. Have you ever felt like God was telling you to do something seemingly impossible? Have you ever made an audacious claim that others may find outrageous such as the words of Paul & my grandfather? Within page upon page of the Bible you will find stories about people, ordinary people, who became extraordinary by the simple steps they took when others thought they were crazy. When someone said they couldn’t do it. That they would fail. The nay-sayers are everywhere, then & now. That’s the amazing thing about faith, if we simply believe & step out, regardless of what others say and what is in our way, it’s overwhelming what God can do. I reflect upon my life & am moved to tears as I type this at what God has done in and through me and I have so many stories of “impossible” that I can hardly count them. All it took was the step, and the knowledge that He can do anything…and because of that truth that nothing is impossible with God, I find that I can do all things through Him, who strengthens me.

I have so far to go him my walk with Him. I’m so far from where I need to be but I take comfort in knowing that it is good to feel unsatisfied because then I still have the hunger. Hunger for Him, for what He has for me & what He wants to do with & through me…so I take joy in my dissatisfaction because I know it’s a step in the right direction. Now, Lord…what’s next? Am I ready?

Help me Jesus to remember that whatever I am doing…even if it is in the name of ministry such as through praise & worship, kindness to others, etc…whatever I am doing, may my motive…the “why” be something that honors & glorifies you.

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