Pressing in

Today has been a challenge. It’s hard to find myself motivated to stay on top of my excercise routine when I have to change it to something I don’t enjoy as my first choice (running). My husband asked me if I was becoming obsessed with running b/c I was sad that I couldn’t run & a little jealous that all these people were out enjoying this amazing & odd beautiful weekend we had in the middle of our winter… I tried to explain that it’s complicated… but running has become addicting in a sense to me. It’s amazing that God made our bodies in such a way that we can simply strap on some decent shoes & go run & spend time with him or even just some time with an empty mind & clear our heads & it reduces stress at the same time that it helps & strengthens our bodies! Awesome!

For whatever reason I am currently wearing a boot each day (ok, ok…so there is a reason: peroneal tendonitis). I don’t understand it completely but I am complying with the doctor’s request because I know that I have to wear this in order to get better before my race. I am also trying new things. Tonight I biked on a stationary bike for 40 minutes. It was a great workout! I’m so thankful to be able to use that & get some cardio in. According to the doctor if I keep my cardio up, I should be just fine to run by the time my race rolls around… So…in less than 4 weeks I should be running a half marathon! I still can’t believe it!!

My goal this year is to run a half marathon before I turn 30 (in May)…so…Lord willing, I will continue to heal & will be ready to conquer this crazy task ahead of me… By the grace of the Lord I will be healed & will successfully run this race… Hebrews 12:1 Help me Lord to run this race…physically in the near future and spiritually now & beyond… May my heart & mind & body glorify you… I want to take care of this temple of yours & be the person you want me to be… the race is a trivial, simple desire of my heart… still my heart you know well… search me Savior…guide me & have your way.

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