Sowing Joy

I made a goal this year to commit to spending time in the Word every day this year. One way that I am helping myself do that is reading a devotional: the Morning & Evening Edition of Grace for the Moment (Max Lucado). Today’s title was “The Greenhouse of the Heart” and the scripture reference was Galatians 6:7 (People harvest only what they plant).

I hear often at work that I am perceived as a very happy person. A few of the nicknames I have received are “Smiley”, “Bubbles”, “Sunshine”, etc. I love that my joy is noticed because I give credit to Jesus! I am so blessed and so happy. I am deeply thankful to not be the person I was before I met Jesus. I am overwhelmingly thankful for my son & husband. I am thankful for my job. Thankful for my vehicle. Thankful for my health. You get the picture…I am thankful. Sometimes I am asked how I can be so happy all the time or some will say I wish I could be that happy… Sometimes I joke around & say it beats the opposite…or that it makes life enjoyable but most often I try to tell people it’s because I have so much to be thankful for & I am so blessed how can I not have joy? My joy comes from the Lord!

The devotion this morning taught about what if we were to consider our thoughts as seeds: what are you sowing? What are you reaping due to what you have sown? Take captive your thoughts…thoughts of defeat, negativity, or fear need to be cast down. The Word teaches us that we should do all things without murmuring or complaining… Next time you are given a new task on top of your other 15 on your to do list at work: accept with a smile. Or the next time someone offers you constructive criticism, how about receive it as an opportunity for growth rather than an attack… What if in everything we truly did give thanks? Imagine the fruits of that harvest!!

I’m not perfect & I have a long, long way to go in my walk with the Lord and I won’t get there in this earthly body since perfection is impossible but I still try every day to give my heart to Jesus and to be a willing vessel, open to whatever He wants to do in & through me for the day. I begin my day thanking Him for the many blessings in my life. I pray often that I can be a blessing to someone in some small way that day because that is my life’s mission…to bless & encourage others… One of my favorite ways to bless others is through joy. Kindness & a smile are powerful!

I want my heart’s greenhouse to not be of discontent, jealousy, insecurity, or sorrow…but rather to be one of life, love, gratitude, & joy. What do you want for yours? Only you can make that choice…and it’s up to you to sow the right seeds.

Lord may each of us sow seeds that give thanks to you, so that you receive the honor. May our lives be a sweet incense to you. Amen.

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2 Responses to Sowing Joy

  1. grace says:

    Hey Amy, I am glad that you have started a blog, I will stop by and see what you have to share! I pray that you foot heals soon. Love you, grace


  2. amyeaton says:

    Thx! I’m excited about the blog, we shall see how it goes. Thx for the prayers too! I’m praying it heals soon also 🙂 I want to do this half marathon so bad! Love you too friend 🙂


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