My greatest Hero…is actually two

This was technically from 2.2.11, the posting topic was “Who is your greatest hero”.

In reality I have 2. My first is my first love: Jesus. Not to be cliché about it, but seriously…He saved me from a demise that I couldn’t avoid. I could go on for hours if not days regarding the grace & love that He has shown me and the change that took place in me & continues to take place today… I truly was pulled from ashes and given a new life & new chance…I wake every morning & each day I thank God for the good in my life & for all He is doing in me (even through the bad).

My second hero is my Husband. He is a gift from God. I can’t help but get a little emotional each time I look at him. He is a dream come true to me, I never knew what it meant to be truly loved until I was loved by him. God had really done a work in my heart during the years before I met my husband…God restored my joy & self-worth and really showed me that I had value and I was loveable…and then he brought Justin to me. I feel loved, and cherished (by him) in ways I never thought I deserved to be. He is kind and gentle, strong and loving. He’s a wonderful provider for our family, an amazing role model to our son, and is humble enough to know that his strength comes from the Lord. He is a defender of his home & his country. He’s a soldier and he’s my best friend. He loves Jesus and he loves us. He (by the grace & kindness of the Lord) rescued my son & I from a terrible situation and I praise God to this day for the grace & mercy that pulled us out of that pit. (If you are close to me…then you know exactly what (whom) I am referring to.)

So, my greatest heroes are my Savior and my Husband. For without them, I don’t know who or where I would be…and I never want to imagine it…for they complete me.

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2 Responses to My greatest Hero…is actually two

  1. grace says:

    “Husband” is awesome! I knew he was going to be listed as one of your heroes
    Rehema’s school is collecting box tops on Fridays, and tomorrow, if you bring 5, you get to dress up as your hero! So, I asked her, who is your hero? She said Mommy! aaaawwww! She said she is going to dress up like me, jeans and a red top!! Miss you but I am glad that you are well


  2. amyeaton says:

    Hehe, lucky guess 🙂 Yes, he is awesome! Awwww, Rehema loves her mommy 🙂 That is SO sweet! Miss you too friend 🙂 Hope you had a good run this morning!


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