What part of life confuses you the most?

It is “Post a Week” time (better late than never ;-)). The random topic I got in my email today is the title noted above. This may seem a little heavy but I must say that the part of life that confuses me is the depravity of the human mind. I just don’t understand how there can be such terrible things in some people’s heart and mind. I see things on the news that are just shocking & incomprehensible and I just don’t understand it…how can someone be that wicked? Is it as simple as someone just being evil? Is it complex such as the writing on their life’s tablet (tabula rasa/blank slate theory)? Are people a product of their circumstances or is there more to it such as your level of resilience in the midst of adversity? I am so analytical about things that the simple response of it all going back to the “fall of Adam” doesn’t satisfy my confusion either. Whatever the reason is, I don’t understand it & it remains a mystery to me… and even more so is the mystery of why is it that people like this have to hurt others and why can they get away with it?

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