A Dream Worth Waiting For

Today has already been amazing and it is only mid afternoon :). I thought it would be a sad day because a little over a month ago I was training for my first half marathon and got hurt & had to be placed into a boot cast. I was devastated… I had been training with two dear friends of mine (Grace & Monica) that were still going to get to run it so I was happy for them, but still sad for myself. Today was the day of the race & instead of staying home & moping, another friend (Sharon) & I schemed a plan to surprise my training partners as a cheering squad. So over the last few days we have been making posters & buying flowers & making our plans.

The day started eeeeaaarrrrlllllyyyyy…. Sharon & I left my house about 6:45am and headed for the race. Coffee & soda in hand we arrived & ran into a couple of other friends in the parking lot that were running it. After visiting for a bit with them, we took our signs & headed into the pavilion to wait on Grace & Monica to arrive.

We ran all over downtown Chattanooga over the course of the next 2 and half hours. We were crazies! But it was SO fun! We would rush super fast to each stop & jump out of Fanny the 4Runner like paparazzi to cheer on our pals. We even made a new friend along the way. She was from Charleston SC & so was her “friend” that she had come to support. We would yell Happy Birthday to Matt each time we saw him and we would shout out to the many other runners that we didn’t know. There’s an amazing camaraderie among runners and it is so fun and encouraging. I can’t tell you how many times we heard thank you from people we didn’t even know because they kept recognizing us at the many stops we made. Many were curious as to what our Swahili signs said πŸ™‚

When we got back to the finish line we were so happy to find Grace’s husband Sila there with her beautiful kiddos. It was great to have had Monica’s husband Adam have already joined us along in our adventure by then as well with their beautiful daughter. How exciting it was to be at the finish line. I wanted to cry out of pride for each of the runners taking that final step across the finish line. I even saw one guy jump up & click his heals πŸ™‚

We saw our new friend cross (Bert) and another new friend (DeLeslyn) and my other friend Beth and then there came Grace!!!!! And then Monica!!!!! We greeted them with hugs & flowers. We just wanted to take one more moment to tell them how proud we were of them. I love my friends πŸ™‚

After getting home & having lunch my family & I went to the park & I was able to run a mile! That is a BIG accomplishment for me since having been in that boot cast for weeks. It felt great to be back out there! While at the end I started to feel a little pain, I still felt amazing. How good it feels to run. God has really placed a passion in me for it & I can’t wait to get back into it full force, to Him be the glory! My dream of completing a half marathon by the time I am 30 is a dream worth waiting for… Please pray with me for my speedy recovery…My deadline is coming soon πŸ˜‰

Well, the day is young & I have lots to do. I pray that your day is, has been, and will remain blessed! Find your dreams & pursue them! Love your friends & show them how special they are. Take time to enjoy your loved ones…and don’t forget yourself in the process of all this. And above all, give God your best & all the Glory in everything you do!

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