“When I take a girl out on a date…” plans of a 10 yr old boy

The other day I was driving my son home from an errand & he proceeded to tell me about a conversation that went on between him & a few other friends at school that day. They were discussing where they would take a girl on a date LOL! Oh my!

At first he said, “I will take her to Golden Corral & get the 10.00 special, yeah…then I will take her to that 3.00 movie place & plus I will buy her a present.”

“How romantic” I sarcastically replied with a bit of a giggle.

“What…ok, ok” he began…”I will take her to a real movie then…and buy her an expensive gift.”

I laughed & said “nothing is romantic about Golden Corral, a buffet of germs is not going to impress any girl”.

His reply: “ok fine then, I will take her to the meltin’ pot, then the real movies & get her flowers & an expensive gift.”

After the 2 of us laughing almost uncontrollably I told him he should start saving money now, and that he may have enough at his rate of income to go on this first date at 35, hehe.

Boys! What in the world goes on in their heads?? I’m kind of afraid to know… 🙂

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3 Responses to “When I take a girl out on a date…” plans of a 10 yr old boy

  1. grace says:

    too funny Amy!


  2. amyeaton says:

    thx Grace, I laughed until I cried telling Justin about it, Austin’s voice tone & facial expressions that day made it even funnier 🙂


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Oh Paul and I got a great laugh out of this. So hilarious! We keep cracking up because his family all went to Ryan’s while we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach. His Mom is a coupon queen & had printed out a coupon for each one of us to get $5 off, but she took ‘inventory’ of all our emails in order to obtain them. Needless to say, we got on the Ryan’s mailing list. For Valentines’, Paul and I cracked up when we got a ‘Valentines Day’ special coupon for Ryan’s – and you got to eat free if you had been married 50+ years & a wedding certificate to prove it. Can you imagine these old people rumbling through their stacks of junk and safety deposit boxes of 50+ years just so they can have a romantic free meal at the Ryans? As we were laughing, I realized how blessed those couples are to have been married for 50 years…and still be in love….& active enough to get out on the town – – even if it is at the germ buffet 🙂


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