Run with Prayer :-)

Well, today was the day of my first race of 2011 and my first race since I injured my peroneal tendon. I was so nervous! I arrived at 7:30 to help set up decorations/etc since the race director was a friend of mine. The race didn’t start until 9 but it really helped me to be there helping instead of sitting at home being nervous, so I’m totally glad my friend needed the helping hand!

When it got close to race time, I went back & forth in my mind & then decided to not run with my phone/headphones & instead just spend the run praying. I figured I need all the help I can get, ha! Seriously, it was a great idea! I almost always have music or the radio going through my headphones but this was the first race I did without it & it was great because I spent nearly the entire thing talking to the Lord. I quoted scriptures in Amy version (i.e. as best as I could recall the ones that came to my heart/mind) 🙂 and just kept telling Him I needed His help to do this…I also kept thanking Him that I was finally back out there doing what I love.

The crazy thing is, that I was totally distracted & when I came across the finish line & they told me my time was 27:42, I was in shock! For many that may not seem like a big deal but that was HUGE for me, it was a PR (personal record) – the fastest I had run a 5k before today was in 29:30 so this was nearly a 2 minute improvement…and to beat all, it was the FIRST race AFTER my INJURY. GOD IS SO GOOD!! 🙂 I worked hard & was patient & trusted Him to help me, and I finished…and not only finished…but surpassed my own record. This was a great day.

Although, I do have to admit that Mr Baby-Stroller-Pushing-Dad that kept passing me until near the end & Mr Jingle Bell Shoes who passed me near the beginning & then stayed just in front of me until the end were some help too…b/c the competitive side of me wanted to beat them, lol 🙂

Today was great too b/c my family & I had family pictures made for the first time ever that I can recall. I can’t wait to see them. Oh, and I had Salsarita’s for lunch, yum! 🙂

Thank you Lord for a wonderfully victorious & beautiful day!

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