All the single ladies!

Ok, the title is a bit deceiving since this isn’t just for single ladies but can benefit single guys looking for love & current couples. Read on & it will make sense.

During our recent series at church one of the points made was about love. How highly we regard love… in our society of romantics & literary romances of perfection, we are consumed with being desired or desiring another. Songs woo about it, books pour on about it page after page and movies, well…some of the commercials for those make me blush!

So, what’s all this talk about love? If you are someone who is single and longing for affection & relationship then this message is for you. If you are someone who has jumped from relationship to relationship to be left broken & used & misunderstood, male or female, this message is for you. If you are lonely, feeling as though no one is out there to love you, THIS message is for YOU!

Please, please be reminded that YOUR WORTHINESS is in Christ, not in the love of another person, their acceptance, desire, or affection. YOU ARE WORTH MORE. You are a precious jewel to your creator, He loves you so deeply and with a love so true. People will fail you. It is not a matter of if, but when. People will fail you but God will NEVER fail you.

Please don’t allow yourself to be swept away by the romance of the day or the ideal society is putting forth that you aren’t anyone if you don’t have someone who loves you – that you aren’t whole if you don’t have a mate. Even if you aren’t single & you do currently have a partner, please remember that your worth is in Christ & not in the love of the person in your life.

You are precious and worthy of love. Perfect love, and you already have it in Him, allow Him to embrace you.

I believe that when you can allow yourself to be loved by God & to feel & embrace His love for you & you love yourself as well, that you will feel peace & contentment…and then, if/when that special person comes along, you will not have brokenness & scars that you bring into the relationship but a reconciled heart that is ready to pour out the love that God has filled you with 🙂

This blog is inspired by our current sermon series at church & has been on my heart a few days. Please feel free to join us on Sunday for the next message &/or check out our website for the audio of the sermon soon:

Love in Christ!

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