Why is it that rest is so refreshing? Even the weariest of people seem to light up at the thought of rest. Vacation…holiday…stay-cation…weekend trip…a day “off”…rest. I have to admit that time away from our normal routines is a great thing, however it is incomparable to the rest we can receive in Jesus Christ.

Speaking of vacation…have you ever noticed that you go on your vacation and then when you get home – you need a vacation, from your vacation? Why is it that we exhaust ourselves with busy-ness & itineraries to the point of contradicting the very purpose of the vacation itself?

My family & I are going to go on vacation soon, and if we stick to plan, we will spend a lot of time relaxing. Yes, we have a few things planned, however we are not going to exhaust our minds, bodies, and finances in the process of carrying out those plans.

Recently we studied about the idolatry of money at church. We didn’t talk at length about the entertainment industry but it is amazing the amount of money people spend these days in the name of leisure. I don’t think it is bad to take a trip or indulge a little, but I do think it is bad if you do so in such a way that you become indebted in the process. If you don’t have the money to go to every area attraction & restaurant on each corner while you are out on vacation – don’t get out your credit card! Use restraint & think responsibly. Allow your vacation to be a positive, fun time that you can enjoy & not have to stress over the thought of the bill you will have to pay when you get home. And, again – REST! 🙂 Take time out to rest & enjoy yourself and your family.

And this goes without saying, but remember that if you are tired & weary – bring whatever it is that is exhausting you to the Lord. He can and will give you rest, true rest. Give Him what is tiring you, lay it at His feet and rest in Him. (Matthew 11:28-30) I’m very thankful for opportunities of rest and I am thankful that my family is in a financial position that we can take a trip to enjoy ourselves (responsibly) and I can’t wait to go out and enjoy a time of replenishment with my favorite people in the world 🙂

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