Angry Tears

What a day… I learned today that 2 things occurred that my husband and I had been diligently working at preventing. We cannot close on our house because of a roof inspection that we knew was going to be needed…so that is being put off now until next week because we have to order the inspection, even though we had tried to do that already. And my son spent 4 hours at a school this morning that he “was not registered for” in spite of the fact that I had submitted ALL of the necessary paperwork & had personally talked to the principle & was advised that he was registered. So, how do these things happen? We both (my husband and I) worked diligently at trying to handle these issues in a preventive measure so that they would not be a problem later and well…it didn’t work out…at least not according to our plan of what we thought was best.

Have you ever had something come up where you know something has to be done a certain way, but you can’t do it yourself; you have to go through someone else to accomplish the thing you are trying to complete, and that other person doesn’t come through for whatever reason or issue that arises? Take the school example from today. I spoke to multiple people, met with the principal, turned in documents, we went to the school multiple times and were told he would have a schedule today and then I get a call that they didn’t even register him. After all that work???!!! Needless to say, “Mamabear” was NOT happy.

I almost broke at work tonight. Everyone had left & I was “clocked out” and about to leave too. It was the first time I was alone with my own thoughts for the day and I just felt frustrated. All the big things that we thought were worked out this week had semi crashed & I was late to practice for the praise team at my church so I just dropped my head & prayed before I left. On the way to the church I talked to God about the day & of my feelings of frustration. Of how I was disappointed about the house closing being delayed & I was very upset that all of my attempts to protect & prepare my son had failed today b/c of other people involved. I asked Him if it is like that for Him when it comes to us. What I mean is, does He get angry when we get in the way? When He does everything He can to guide us, short of forcing our hand…and we get in the way? I presume His would be a righteous anger if it is anger… Then again, isn’t anger a secondary emotion? Where there is actually a “real” emotion hidden underneath. Perhaps anger is more of a human thing b/c we mask our disappointment or brokenness with anger. God is so much more patient & long-suffering than I am 🙂

I needed praise team practice tonight. I was having church! lol! Singing my heart out to the Lord for that hour and a half proclaiming the mighty works of Him. His power, His grace, His love, His mercy… It truly did awake my soul! I needed that refreshing reminder to change my point of view. He is God, regardless of my circumstances. He is in control regardless of whether things go according to my plan… And circumstances can NEVER change who I am in Him.

This blog tonight was more of a vent session for me than a lesson, but if you have read it this far. I pray that you have been blessed in some way. If you are curious: our son’s registration fiasco is fixed & he will have classes to attend tomorrow, we will get to close on the house next week, and I will now get to run a race I had been training for b/c of the rescheduling of the move to the new house…so, all is ok… Papa is in control 😉

Love in Christ -Amy

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4 Responses to Angry Tears

  1. I love this one Amy…..not because of two very important things not getting taking care of as you had planned. BUT on how God turning your not so good planning of closing on your house for another week, but now he has fixed it to where you will get to run in the race that you have been training for. What an awesome God that we serve. He always compensate us. Not sure why Austin was not registered…….and it could be to show the principle and other office staff their mistake and now maybe they will more attentive the next time they are registering a new student.
    Most of all I love how God turns bad circumstances and gives us something good in its place. It is like he is saying ….here is something good for you until your messed up plans can get taken care of. He wants his children to be happy.


    • amyeaton says:

      Marcella – He’s so wonderful about that stuff isn’t he! Always looking out for us. We found out today that the carpet we ordered won’t be in until Monday anyway so we couldn’t have moved in with the old carpet there because of my allergies so, really…it all is working out just fine. I just need to sit back & get out of the way lol. Love you lots!


  2. You’re awesome girl! Always having the right perspective! Thanks for sharing- even on the tough days. Love you


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