Angry tears…to happy tears

So…a few days ago, I poured out my frustrations here and was genuinely overwhelmed. I had my own idea of the perfect way that things should work out & was praying for God to work out MY perfect plan. Isn’t that funny! Why is it that we find it so easy to think that we have it all figured out? Or perhaps I am speaking only of myself… At any rate – thankfully God isn’t controlled by my plans or desires because I would be a mess.

It really has worked out wonderfully that we didn’t close on the house yesterday. I was able to compete in a race I had trained for weeks for and it was totally a fun morning! I had a great time, as always with one of my best friends – Grace Tuju – love her :)! We ran a good race & stayed around for the prizes/awards ceremony & then we got the crazy idea to run back to the church where we had been shuttled up from this morning. We were stopping to take photos & laughing, running from dogs, etc – it was a memorable experience for sure šŸ™‚

The other reason it is wonderful that we didn’t close on the house yesterday is really a few things: the carpet we are going to have installed won’t be available until Tuesday anyway, we still had quite a bit to finishing packing, and it gives us plenty of time to do all the preparations, clean our old place, and get moved in over a few days & we now won’t be rushed because our friend that bought our place won’t move in until the following weekend…so…the timing is perfect.

Isn’t that the way it always is? When He’s in control, and we get out of the way, it all works out…perfectly šŸ™‚ Love Him! I pray that whatever you are going through or seeking God for that you are able to remember to trust Him and know that He’s in control & His timing is far greater than any plans we could ever come up with…

Love in Christ – Amy

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