Damaged Goods – Part 1

Feeling less than worthy? Perhaps that you didn’t measure up to what you have been convinced you should? Who decides what we should measure up to anyway? If your less-than-worthy thoughts are physical…are you viewing yourself according to what society/media says is appropriate/desirable? Or are your thoughts according to what ambition’s endless ladder calls appropriate? Perhaps you lost in love (again) to feel once again, hopelessly alone…but who says you must have someone to feel fulfilled?

It seems we are ever-beating ourselves down at the mercy of an unmerciful cause that wasn’t what God had planned for us but more so something we desired. There are many people hurting right now… in the church, in the workplace, everywhere…hurting…rejected, failing, manipulated by unsubstantiated “losses”… but what if God’s healing, His mercy, His lessons come through pain? Have you considered this? I don’t think our precious, loving Father intentionally throws bolts at us but I do think that He allows life to happen to us… He allows us to reap the consequences & the experiences of life because He can see who/what we are deep down, and what/who we will be… His perspective is so much greater than what we can grasp.

I can think of countless times in my life that I didn’t get what I wanted or longed for and it hurt…especially when it was in my grasp but fell through my hands like loose sand. However, I cannot think of one of those times when I look back, that I am not grateful for the outcome. What a mess my life could have been had I had received my way… perhaps you have a similar story. I can think of numerous times I have been able to minister to others through my own testimony and encourage them in ways only I could do because of the experiences I have endured. If you also have similar stories, I’d love to hear about it in a message or comment here. It’s wonderful to share of the humbling, perfect provision of our God.

Just a few years ago we failed at selling our townhouse and now, 2 1/2 years later we are in our dream home… God had a different plan. 10+ years ago I was broken because I was in a failing marriage full of lies & emotional/mental abuse and yet here I am a decade later & my heart is full of the love I receive daily from my true love. God brought someone to me that loves me in ways I never thought I even deserved to be loved; my husband is beyond my dream come true. 12 years ago I was a scared little girl just out of highschool, starting college & found out I was pregnant…my college dreams/plans were drastically changed, however 2 years ago I finished my bachelor’s degree with honors and best of all I remain blessed with an amazing son that I thank God for continually, every child is a gift.

I am telling you these things tonight to remind you that we serve an awesome God!! Don’t let the so-called “losses” or “failures” of today decide your tomorrow. Your Savior decides your tomorrow, and I believe your faith can help activate what is next…If you lie in ruins you won’t walk in life. Stand up, allow Him to comfort you, dust off your mistakes & get you on your way. Your destiny awaits in Him.

Love in Christ, Amy

PS, part 2 focuses on hurt from lost/failed relationships…

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