Putting down roots…

I overheard a conversation on the radio that got me thinking. Have you ever been in a place that you just don’t feel at home or welcome? Or maybe you feel welcome, but not really a part of it? This can be anything like a party, networking event, new class, church, etc but this post is going to be geared toward church.

Not to sound harsh but, did you ever take a moment to think that the problem is not unfriendly/inhospitable people, but possibly you? I think there are too many people that are so concerned about what something/somewhere can be for them, that they don’t stop to consider what they themselves can offer. What I mean is, take friendship for example. If you want to have friends, you have to be a friend. You can’t just take & take & take and truly receive the value of what you have. I think of this like your relationship with the church. You can go & receive the teachings, feel goosebumps from the singing week after week but if that is all you are doing, then you’re a bench warmer. And you are missing out!!!

I spent several months at my church just coming to church, dreaming of getting involved but never signing up or committing to anything. My husband was deployed and I was lonely. Poor ole pitiful me. In the great words of Eeyore, “Oh Bother” 😦 Then a lightbulb went off & I realized I needed to take action. I can’t show up each Sunday, sit in my little corner, shake the same hands of people I can’t remember the names of, never speak more than a “good morning” or a “welcome” and expect to feel like I belonged or was a part of something when I wasn’t really making any efforts myself (ouch!) 🙂

So, I decided to stop wallowing in my lonely heart & to reach out. I volunteered for a local work opportunity where we went into the community & did practical work to bless local businesses, I signed up & joined some small groups, signed up for the choir – really I just prayed & whatever I felt led to I dove in. Praise God, I dove in!! 🙂 I have made some *wonderful* friendships and met some of the most amazing people I know and have been inspired in ways I never would have as a bench warmer. Thank you Jesus I realized the problem was me! 🙂

So, if you are going to a church (or any social gathering) and feel like you are a sore thumb or not belonging – make the first move! Get to know people, show love & joy to them, get involved. You are a beautiful creation in the eyes of your Creator with amazing talents & abilities & perhaps He is waiting for you to grab hold of that & jump. Don’t be afraid to put down your roots. You are where you are for a reason – make it count!

The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step – Lao-tzu

Love in Christ, Amy

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2 Responses to Putting down roots…

  1. Amanda Wilson says:

    I love this and it is so true! So many times we expect things/ friendships to come to us but maybe all the time, it is me that needs to be the instigator and take that first step to get to know someone or attend a group (such as a senior singles group, lol) that is outside our comfort zone. We will never know what blessings lie ahead and many times miss out on until we take that first step. Very well said my friend, very well said!


  2. Lewis says:

    great points! Good Stuff!


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