Audacious Faith Has No Age Minimum

I had a very humbling conversation with my son last night. As I was going in to say good night he told me he had a secret to tell me. Naturally because I’m mom, I’m a woman, or I’m curious…whatever the reason I naturally jumped at this special moment to hear what he had to say. But when he spoke, I was captivated, humbled, and moved.

He told me he had talked to God and that God spoke back to him. He said he had asked God to please show him what is keeping him from Him, like what is in the way of their relationship and he told me that God told him plainly that it was his XBox. He said that God told him to sell it and to give the money to the church or to give the money to his grandparents for them to use since they are missionaries.

I’m not sure if you understand the magnitude of this. Let me share a little more detail as to why this moved me to tears. His Xbox was the ONLY Christmas gift he received from us. So he is taking his one & only Christmas gift from his parents and selling it and taking the funds to give to the church & to missions because he believes with all of his heart that God told him to. And you know what? I believe him. It wasn’t shocking that God spoke but for me it was surprising that God spoke to him at such a young age in such a plain & bold way. You have to know my son, you have to know that this child is c.r.a.z.y about video games & loves the Xbox so much that we had to set a timer to it! So again, for him to seek God and then to hear God ask SO much of him and then for him to actually obey – it is amazing – he inspires me & blesses me so much.

I have to confess, at first I was thinking, what??? I waited in line 3.5 hours & paid over 200.00 for that thing & you want to give it away?? But that is human nature isn’t it? The American way of things, we are proud of our stuff. It hurts to admit it b/c I’m a part of that culture & know I fall into it, but my first thoughts were “in the flesh”. Thankfully what came out of my mouth though was encouraging & reassuring of this amazing thing he has committed to. So I had a wonderful heart to heart with him on how I was proud of him to share such a big thing with me & that I was proud of him that he would want to obey what God has placed on his heart. We had a more in-depth conversation and I’m thankful for the life & faith lessons that were discussed & taught because of this.

So anyway, this is a shout and brag about my son (of what more can I be proud of than to witness my child’s first big act of faith & obedience?!?!?!) and this is a confession about my own heart. I find more and more that I learn so much from my child, God never ceases to amaze me. I pray often that he will see our example and that he too will be a giver and that he will seek God & want to live his life for God and I’m SO blessed to see this happening now, in his tender age of 11. I pray that my sweet child continues to grow in his faith and as he grows up that he really grabs hold of what God has in store for him, I know it is going to be big!

That’s all for tonight! Love in Christ, Amy


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3 Responses to Audacious Faith Has No Age Minimum

  1. grace says:

    awww! Not sure what to say Amy! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Anita says:

    This is so wonderful. More people should seek a closer relationship with God and actually obey when he points out the distractions especially adults. (and a child should lead them). Thanks for sharing Amy.


  3. Angel Watson says:

    love this Amy i remember when i frist meat you and Austin. love Angel


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