I have been super busy lately in my “spare” time with a lot of stuff and I’ve also been working over at work because I am a bit of a perfectionist and so I’ve just been really, really tired at night so tonight I had planned on just dropping my son off for youth group and then heading home to relax so I can just clear my mind for a little while. Tonight just so happened to be our “Leverage” night where we get together and pray for our church leader’s, each other, and spend time in worship. I intended on skipping just because I was tired and was thinking, “I can pray on my own”… but I decided to stay for the prayer service because I felt like God was telling me that if I was feeling spent, then perhaps I needed to be refilled…

Thank you JESUS that I listened…I’m still tired…still have a twinge of a headache but I was refreshed and blessed and encouraged deep within…Your presence was there. I am honored to have had the opportunity to gather with my church family and pray together and join together to worship You. For that period of time that I was there I disappeared and faded into you. I forgot about my job, the things I need to get done on my to do list at home; I just took some time out to clear my mind and focus on You.

Isn’t it wonderful when we listen to that still small voice within us telling us what we need? My “to do” list is still a mile long outside of work, and I’m still in that “new” phase at work where I’m growing and learning so my perfectionist tendencies are twitching :), but regardless of the fact that any “problems” or “issues” or “storm” I am experiencing may still be here – I am reminded that with the right perspective, I won’t miss the rainbow 🙂

God is good!!

Thank you Pastor Chapman & Shannon – and all of the other leaders tonight. Each spoken word was a blessing, and the time of prayer & the music was also just what this tired body and mind needed to be refreshed. Love you all!


"Inspiration found in the heavens"

"I need only look into the sky to see His majesty, His beauty, and His hand" - me

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1 Response to Refreshing…

  1. Angel says:

    love this this is so true. love u Amy
    Love, Angel


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