Random thoughts


Most of my posts are deep so here’s something random 🙂

I hate mayo, dishonesty, and being rushed. I love Jesus. Purple is my favorite color but aqua marine would be a close runner up. I love my family & can’t imagine my life without them. I talk to my dog like he’s a toddler, avoid gluten like it’s the plague, and I love music that inspires me.

When the lyrics of a song remind me of where I’ve been, who I’ve become, and Who got me there, I feel it deep within my spirit. I love to raise my hands when I worship and am not ashamed to do so. If there’s anything I’m certain of it is the fact that if it weren’t for God and His hand on my life I would not be here today.

If I could have any one thing that has gluten in it, it would be a Hardee’s biscuit. Whenever I get my hair cut/styled I am convinced that I have a mild heart attack for at least the first few days. I love running but it scares me because of injury. I feel guilty if I have a negative thought and would never drive without my seatbelt. I’m not a rebel (shocking, I know) ;-).

I have doubts that I have to pray through so Thomas the apostle & I are closer than I’d like, but similarly, I pray for help with that too. I love my job but dream of being paid to write & paint, and to have loads of free time to do short term missions. I have wanted to learn how to play the guitar for 17 years, and even have my own guitar. Maybe this will be the year I finally sign up for those lessons…

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4 Responses to Random thoughts

  1. grace says:

    I don’t like Mayo too and I hate it more when I see someone eating it. You are too nice to have a negative thought 🙂


  2. Angel says:

    my fav color is purple too


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