It Is For Freedom, That I Am Set Free!

Check out this song, it’s amazing & is what inspired my thoughts for this post as we sang it at church this morning:

“You broke my chains, of sin & shame & You covered me with grace…you mend my life, with your holy fire, & you cover me with grace, You are the hand that reaches out to save! I am set free! I am set free! It is for freedom, that I am set free…” So thankful that I’m loved, exactly how I am.

I was praying this morning while on the stage with the team leading worship at church… Whispering to myself & the Lord that I’m honored to be up there & thankful for the opportunity and that I’m up there for Him & His glory, and I don’t want it to be my own; then I asked Him, ‘was my worship enough, could He see my heart?’ & I know He spoke to my spirit and told me that I am enough. I almost cried right then & there! Thank you Jesus!! It IS for FREEDOM that I am set FREE! I don’t have to prove myself to anyone, when the only One that matters loves me fully!

I needed that reminder! After spending the last several weeks feeling like I needed to prove my ability & value in my new job my sweet Savior reminded me this morning to take up peace in Him because I am enough. If you took the time to read this perhaps you need reminding, you are loved deeply by your Creator and He wants you to take heart in knowing that you are free in Him. If you have a relationship with Him then you are free from all chains! There’s no one you have to impress, no one you have to prove yourself to. No one you have to explain yourself to…You are set free in Him…and it is for freedom that you are set free! NOT to remain in bondage but to walk in freedom in Him!

This also makes me think of how I am so thankful I don’t have to live in the shame of my past but can boldly & confidently grow in my walk with my savior! I can rejoice in the generosity He has shown me. I don’t deserve anything good He has given me but I am blessed beyond measure & so thankful, so thankful. Love Him!! ♥

I pray that you are blessed & truly aware of how wonderful you are in the eyes of your Maker.

Love in Christ! Amy

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