Amazing Love – Father’s Day edition

Austin & I once heard a worship song at church that goes like this:

“Would you hold me in your arms as I rest on your knee,

won’t you tell me my favorite story…

I was an orphan and you, adopted me.

As I listen to your voice, the blessing surrounds me,

I know I’m yours, I’m so glad that you found me,

I was an orphan and you adopted me.

Wrap your strong arms around me, this is my peace,

Father stay close to me…Stay…

As I look in Your eyes I see such kindness

Nothing in the world is anything like this,

I was an orphan You adopted me…

Wrap your strong arms around me,

This is my peace Father, stay close to me…Stay”

Words to “Stay” by Brian Doerksen/Paul Janz

These powerful, precious words are a song that my son used to ask me to sing to him. My sweet son, a fatherless child asked me to sing this to him when he was younger. Sure, he had a biological “father” but he wasn’t a “dad” – and just like any child my son longed for a father. And as a single mom, my heart ached that I couldn’t fill that void.

I spent many years in prayer for God to send the right man to our lives. The man that would be the head of our household, the rock in our family that would be strong for us & lead us in our walk of faith and meet our needs. The man that would be the husband I had so longed for and the man my son so desperately longed to have to call “dad.”

6 years ago I met that wonderful person & we celebrated 5 years of marriage this year…3 years ago this amazing man that God sent into our lives adopted Austin. He didn’t just marry me and take on the role of step dad… he wanted to show Austin his love in such a way that he could give him something significant to be proud of…his name. It was a battle because even though the bio-father was virtually non-existent, he didn’t make it easy on us & so it cost thousands of dollars but every penny, every tear, every moment was worth it. Austin is so proud to have Justin as his father & to carry his name. This sweet little boy, that so longed for a father…received that wish that he asked his mommy to sing of so many times during his youth.

Thank you Jesus for your love – thank you for being a father to the fatherless, and for sending Justin into mine & Austin’s lives. We are deeply blessed. I pray that you will continue to bless my husband for his love & kindness – for the wonderful person he is to us & to all who know him.

Happy father’s day to one of the most amazing men I know. I love you Justin Eaton, thank you for your amazing love.

A pic of our sweet family at the adoption celebration party in 2009:


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4 Responses to Amazing Love – Father’s Day edition

  1. Misty Olson says:

    What a beautiful story, I didn’t even know he was adopted! I thought they favored-how neat. πŸ™‚


  2. Sarah Faith says:

    What a wonderful song…I remember hearing Bob B. sing that. And how it became part of your hearts and then lives is just tremendous! Praise God for answering your hearts’ cries! I’m so happy for you and Austin, and it was a pleasure to read this. Thank you, friend.


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