My take on entertainment choices as a woman of faith

Ok so it’s probably weird to write a blog for a blog, but I’m not exactly normal… So…oh well 🙂

I’ve been fighting my heart to write about my position on the movie Magic Mike since I saw a commercial but couldn’t write it because of fear of offending others… So, if you’re reading this, I pray you know me well enough to know I am not a judgmental person and always look for the good in people & situations, in fact… I get made fun of because I do this so much… So this link & writing is not meant to offend anyone or make an assumption of judgment because it is not judgment. It is just simple me, sharing my heart. With love as my intention. I have loads of friends that think this movie is the best thing since clearance designer shoes & that is totally their opinion & I love them like crazy – they (you) are a blessing in my life… I know they don’t love everything I do & think either but they still love me for me 🙂

That said… I’m about to share a blog link with you, my readers. I find this blog entry well thought out. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and in our social world we get to hear & read those often. Some people are quick to jump to defense & some to support, still whatever your position – it is good to consider both sides. I have considered both, but still can’t find in my heart a green light to support this type of entertainment… It grieves me… I have seen some rough conversation lately between opposing positions so please do not start a comment war, just read the blog if you’re interested (including the comments on the blog) and know that I love you & want to share the light of a wonderfully written tribute to some awesome men – who remind me of the awesome men in my life. I’m a lucky girl to be married to such an amazing guy!

One more thing before I give you the blog link…I watched a film recently called Beware of Christians. Wow. The title hooked me long before I pushed play. It was a group of young guys from Texas A&M who set off on somewhat of a sabbatical to find what it means to be a follower of Jesus and stop following a religion. It really opened my eyes. I have much more to comment about this documentary (more blogs to follow :-)) but I first want to point out one of their focal points. They discussed candidly the entertainment industry and of how we should be selective of what we are spending our time doing & what we are placing into our hearts/minds. It really pricked my heart but for good reason. It made me really consider what I am watching, even on tv.

I encourage everyone to consider this. A book, song, movie….magazine, etc can all be entertaining… But perhaps we should ask ourselves, is what I’m about to watch/read/listen to inappropriate for my growth & my witness? This post from me isn’t just about Magic Mike, it’s about the endless amount of garbage that is out there that everyone thinks is so wonderful but I personally think is terrible, things we wouldn’t even want our children to watch. I find myself tempted to watch movies that come out but then I check to see what is in the movie & quickly realize it is not something I want to support… I’m not saying we should throw out our televisions and sell everything & move into a commune, but I am saying perhaps we should be more cautious of what we are choosing to entertain ourselves with. I’ve got a lot of growing to do and have many places I need to continue to surrender to the Lord… But I have to start somewhere… And beginning with what goes into my mind & heart seems like a great place to start…

Aforementioned blog: Magic Mike Who?

If you are interested in how you can check out content of movies before you watch them, pluggedin is an awesome app (& website) that does the research so you can “know before you go” – here’s what it has to say about the negative elements of Magic Mike (including its 150+ f bombs):

Philippians 3 (all) & Philippians 4:8

Love in Christ,

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