Words From Bob – Finding Happiness & Success Wherever You Are

Digging through an old planner today I found a note tucked away that contains some points I wrote down a long time ago. I’m a huge fan of inspirational/motivational teachings and speakers and this note was from a time where I listened to a speech. I love the thoughts & would like to share them. Here are some tips for success/happiness in whatever you do from a guy that spent a long time in leadership but worked his buns off to get there and started from nothing, for real…as in he was pretty much an orphan!

Know this – you have a track record.

Do something you love.
Take your job seriously and be accountable.
Always treat others fairly (with respect and care).
Keep balance in your life (time for family, work, self, hobbies).
Go the extra mile expecting nothing in return.
Volunteer for something outside of your comfort zone.
Don’t take yourself so seriously all the time.
It is very easy to think position=power=prestige=status but when you’re a leader, you are a servant. You as a leader work for people, they do not work for you.
Make a difference! Attitude is everything!

4 points he loved:
1st things 1st (priorities!)
Right things right!
Get things done!
Make things fun!

Wow! Lots of truth to this! Many things go through my mind after reading this again. First of all, whether you like it or not…you have a “track record” – a reputation. Your everyday actions and words are known by people you don’t even realize know you. In the professional world this is a big deal because you don’t know who might be your boss one day… Or what job you would love to have one day…so be your best so that others can see how awesome you are. The Bible teaches us to do our work as if unto the Lord & to do everything without murmuring or complaining – ouch! But a good ouch! (Colossians 3:23 & Philippians 2:14)

How about the one that any typical American workaholic is guilty of – balance. Do you have balance? I certainly have leaps & bounds to grow here but I’m trying…it is important to find balance between work, home, leisure, and obligations. It is ok to say yes and can be wonderful to get out of your comfort zone & grow but when your pail is overflowing it is very good to say no. Don’t overwhelm yourself – if you need time to rest or spend with your family or take care of a task that’s been on hold forever – then say no to the party, unnecessary meeting, even the volunteer opportunity. You can’t be your best if you’re exhausted… I had a boss tell me once while coaching me on my tendency to work-work-work with little me time; he said I’m no good to him working that extra hour or 2 if I haven’t taken time to recharge. He’s right. If you have a tendency to lose yourself in your work, make yourself take a break & rest and make sure you take time for your family & yourself. That’s where we can really recharge our mental batteries!

Back to Colossians 3:23 – this can apply in the workplace; you should be the best you that you can be. And some of those ways are just what Bob said: go above & beyond without expecting reward, make things fun, get out of your comfort zone, make a difference, & accept/realize that your attitude is a major influence. If your attitude sucks then those around you suffer, not just you…likewise if you have an awesome attitude then that affects others too! If you wake up to face your day expecting God to do big things, have a great attitude, and go around blessing others without expecting reward – you will have a great day & can be successful – period. It has a ton more to do with perspective than position!! And that whole track record thing – you will have a great one.

This said, I want you to also consider the reality that if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you are not just representing yourself, but you are representing Him – are you sharing His light/love? Many of the things that dear old Bob said can apply to our relationship with Christ and how we live that out day to day. Take your responsibilities serious and be accountable, give without expectation, love God/love others = treating them with kindness & respect, have a servant’s heart, make a difference! All of these things are simply choice. And for the people around you that know you are a Christian, you can either bring Him honor in so doing or you can give people a bad taste toward “religion” before they ever get close enough to Him to embrace a relationship with Him. Be a blessing, not a hindrance.

You can choose to be the best you… But it’s up to you

In the great words of Dr Seuss:
“today you are you,
it’s truer than true,
there’s no one alive
who is youer than you!”

Love in Christ, Amy

(those of you that know where I work/what I do – this is solely my opinion & that not of the company I work for – gotta love a disclaimer, haha! hope you enjoyed my post). 😉

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