Albania – first morning here

Well, it’s our first morning waking in Albania. I’m so excited that I had to force myself to sleep last night & I still got up really early, haha. We never saw daylight so Friday is gone…it’s hard to wrap your mind around the reality that you are now foreign but the reminders abound. The people we have met along the way have been wonderfully pleasant, including my new friend from Kosvo who moved to London and came to Albania for a weekend to meet her beau. I could have done without the people in Turkey that were in line for passport check though, haha! πŸ˜‰ People are very pushy there, you just gotta push back or keep moving because they will run you over. I ran over a ton of toes with my backpack wheels, oops! Thankfully my apologetic southern English took care of me πŸ˜‰ (not really, I’m sure it was Jesus and the help of my friends here too).

I spent time in prayer last night because it is my day to lead devotions in the morning (today) and so I’m wanting to be prepared and isn’t it just like God, the very thing on my heart is exactly what our team needs today, and I kept trying to go a different route with it but He kept drawing me back. Or team needs prayer folks. Shannon shared this morning on his status that Mande woke up very early, very sick. The devil is busy trying to attack our bodies – pray for healing, pray for His mighty favor to be upon every aspect of this trip, and pray that our hearts & minds remain attuned to Him in every way – we are here for Him.

Love in Christ,

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