What is your definition of a Christian?

So tonight I was involved in a discussion about what/how I would’ve described Christians as a teen and what I would describe Christians as now as an adult…so essentially comparing the changes in my world views… It was really interesting to draw upon those thoughts. It really depended on when in my teen life the question were to have been asked…

There were times I thought people who were claiming to be Christians were fake, and times when I thought the real ones were few and far between… Times when I thought they were mistaken/misled and times when I thought they had life figured out…

And then there’s now… As I matured I learned to not base my choice of faith off of how another imperfect person acts/speaks. Not to label a whole “people” because of a “loud” few. As a result, my opinion changed. My very simplified definition of a Christian would now be this: someone who believes in Christ enough to want to live for Him and to live in a way that is helping them walk out that belief.

Are these Christians liars? Yes. Do they fail? Yes. Do they doubt their faith at times? Yes. Make mistakes? Yes. Have fears? Yes! They’re normal people living in this world that was not created for them. They’re you, they’re me. They get mad at another driver tailgating them on the highway or impatient with their kids during homework time and say things they didn’t mean. They mess up daily. They have questions without answers. They’re just people.

So what makes them different? They choose to believe that they have purpose and they want to live their lives in a way that honors the One that gives them purpose. They believe that they are not here by accident but that this world is not some scientific explosion that resulted in evolving over time and they into a species. They believe they not only have a purpose but they are loved. They are loved by the Creator of all things so much that He would die for them to offer atonement for all mistakes (sins) past & present. They realize that this God has enough grace and love to cover those sins and look beyond them into their hearts and as they walk out life in that belief they choose to make better choices. They choose to be closer to the One who loves them fully and fills the inexplicable void deep within that no amount of anything could fill but Him alone. And as they draw nearer to Him they change. They are different… They really don’t have it all figured out but they have peace and joy because it comes from God, who gives them purpose.

I have so much more to add but I’ll stop here… I’d love to hear: “what’s your definition”?

Anything to add? Remove? Comment below.

With love in Christ, Amy

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