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Yes, I’m her. I’m the crazy girl who gets down on her knees in front of hundreds of people sometimes and raises her hands as if she’s forgotten the people are there. I’m the girl on the stage that loses … Continue reading

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Failures succeed, losers quit

Having a teenager is interesting. I’m thrown back into time where I recall the days of major public image concern. Earlier tonight I had a talk with Austin and reminded him he needs to come to a comfort & realization … Continue reading

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One of the hard things for me about losing someone is fear that they will be forgotten. Not by me, but by others. Fear that people won’t remember significant days that I do. Fear that people will forget what today … Continue reading

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Wrong prayers, right heart

I have been praying very hard for my son as he gets older, seeking God in the various places in his life. But I may have been praying the wrong prayers at times even though my heart was in the … Continue reading

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