Failures succeed, losers quit

Having a teenager is interesting. I’m thrown back into time where I recall the days of major public image concern. Earlier tonight I had a talk with Austin and reminded him he needs to come to a comfort & realization that others’ opinions of him do not matter, as long as it isn’t a negative reflection of his identity in Christ. To not be afraid to push & work hard because of fear of others witnessing him fall. Many of the greatest people in history failed over & over again & I believe that process made them great! (Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, etc)

I want so badly for my son to trust God & take leaps of faith. To take risks & learn from the results: positive & negative. Resilience is earned. The ability to succeed is a direct result of the choice to not give up. Failure is inevitable – but quitting is optional. No one starts something & is 100% perfect in it 100% of the time with no learning curve. Mistakes are made, slips occur, falls happen – but when we choose to get up – that’s when great things can occur. That’s when we mature & grow into a stronger person. That’s when we show what we are made of.

I reminded my son that as a Christian we give our best to all that we do… Many times I’ve told him this. I’ve told him that’s what being an Eaton is too. Being someone that when they hear our name they can know its one of integrity & reliability. When we give & live our best, that’s what brings glory to God – when we honor him with what lies before us.

Will we meet defeat? Yes, many times. Will we feel overwhelmed? Stumble? Mess up? You bet.

But we don’t quit.

We stand up, work harder, & persevere.

Successful people fail, but what makes them successful is that they never quit.


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4 Responses to Failures succeed, losers quit

  1. jenjen1210 says:

    I needed that today. Thank you friend.


  2. Jon Land says:

    Very good Amy! It is important to be who God has made you. And to grow in that process of finding out.


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