Let me begin by saying:
If you know me, then you know it’s no secret I’m slightly a germ phobe…😳

So…I had to take a trip to ATL for a few days & had been joking that as long as my room didn’t have any creepy crawlies I would be happy with it.

I arrive to find I’m staying in a nice, business-y hotel that is very modern & clean looking. I halfway unpacked & took a drive to find dinner. When I returned, I sat down to enjoy my book (The Hiding Place) & pulled a blanket over my lap & curled up on the couch in my cute, cozy room.

For a moment I think I see something move…then I look over to see this guy & found his friends 😳. Oh my gosh!!!! I bolted up & found two more of these IN THE COUCH crawling around while I was sitting there 😱😫😰. With speed that would make Olympians proud (even Mr Bolt), I leap into a frenzy smacking them with my 30 yr old paperback Corrie Ten Boom book to no avail, they just keep moving!!! (Sorry Corrie). I finally killed one, thought I killed 2 & ran to call the front desk because there’s no way I’m sleeping in here. I return to find one dead, one had ran off & another live one in sight taunting me as I wait for the maintenance guy to arrive so I can show him my enemies.

The hotel (of course) gave me a new room.


You know you wanna laugh 😏

ps, yes…those are pinchers you see on that bug.


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10 Responses to Awesome

  1. tabithatn says:

    That’s my brave sis. What is that thing?! It looks like a mutant cross between a scorpion and a mean shrimp.


  2. Jon Land says:

    Wow, I’ve seen of those in the monster movies I’ve watched! HAHAHA Your lucky it didn’t burrow into your brain or something like on StarTrek. 9-)


  3. Jon Land says:

    So now you better watch out in the future! Bwahahahaha


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