He asked for wisdom

(NIV) 2 Chronicles 1:6-12

This weekend I was seated by a campfire, listening to the peaceful sounds of nature intertwining with the joyful sounds of a campground. I read a little of my book. Spent time walking trails, eating meals cooked by the fire, and chatting with my guys. We had no electronic devices, save an old camera. It was beautiful. We were cut off from the world yet being mystified by it’s beauty – its real beauty. The beauty we take for granted when we stay busy in our city lives. 

During some time alone with my dog, thoughts, and the campfire – I read 2 Chronicles 1:6-12. This passage was about King Solomon. A summary is that he put up 1000 burnt offerings (1:6) – wow! When God was all ears he (Solomon) thanked God for His goodness and asked for something that aligned with His (God’s) will (1:8-10). God responded to Solomon’s request telling him that because his heart’s desire was not selfish, that He would give him his heart’s desire – but He would also give Solomon so much more (1:11-12).

Such a short passage but powerful words and truth! How often do we seek God’s blessings more than His plans, desires, and will? Don’t simply seek the Father for His riches, but instead thank Him for His great love and kindness, and then seek what He desires. You will find you are far more rich in seeking His desire and will for your life than you could ever be by storing up treasures here on this earth. Solomon didn’t do one small task or sacrifice one thing that seemed large to him – but he put up 1000 offerings. After this perseverance God told Solomon to ask for anything and in that moment, Solomon did not treat God like a genie but instead like the magnificent and sovereign God that He is and Solomon asked for wisdom. He thanked God for His kindness He had already shown his father & himself and then he asked God to guide him and give him wisdom in serving in the role that God had chosen for him. As a result of this simple request that honored God, God chose to bless Solomon. 

This blog is not a formula for blessings but more a reminder. Spend time with Jesus. Spend time in prayer, seeking what God desires for your life. You will find yourself in greater peace and deeper joy when you walk in His desires than you could ever experience by seeking your own path.

I wish you all the joy your heart can contain as you seek the heart of the one who created you. 

Blessings in Christ,


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