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Kindness Post # 11: kind words


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Kindness post #10 – We make a life by what we give

Compared to recent temps, it was cold Tuesday¬†night. Really cold. Were you inside? Was your home heated and/or did you have warm clothes? Blankets? Perhaps you have some to spare? Regardless of the season of the clothes (summer/winter), if you … Continue reading

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Kindness Post # 9 – Listen

It really is that simple. Listen. Listening shows value. About the conversation it says: What you are saying matters to me. Perhaps I do not agree…or maybe I do…but right now, I choose to listen because what you are saying … Continue reading

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Kindness post #8 – kindness a form of narcissism ?

I took the day off from work today, enjoyed sleeping in. Read my Bible while I enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee. Watched a movie with my kiddo, listened to the rain beat down on our tin roof… Decided to … Continue reading

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Kindness post # 7 – sometimes your greatest gift is time

My post tonight will be brief. I may expound on it a little more later but I just wanted to share that sometimes your greatest gift you can give – the greatest kindness you can show – is time. Giving … Continue reading

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Seeds of Kindness

Let that soak in… You are planting seeds of life into others when you show kindness. I am confident that far more people can see the reality of who Jesus was in the hearts of His followers when we live … Continue reading

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Kindness post # 5 – don’t ruin someone’s day

We have all been there.¬† Something detrimental has happened. Maybe even earth shattering for you: bad news like a death in the family, job loss, an unexpected expense: in an instant your mind is distracted and your heart is overwhelmed. … Continue reading

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