Kindness Post #2 – Giving hope through adoptions

Do you know anyone trying to adopt a child? It is an exhausting experience, but is worth every bit of the tears, joy, pain, and wait. I have a few friends who are adopting and my heart rejoices with them at each successful milestone and breaks at each bump in the road.

What can you do to support these families in your life?

Ask them about their child! Consider throwing a party or shower for them. Send them a card letting them know you are thinking of them and praying for them – and be sure to pray! And a totally practical way to support them? Give.

Consider donating to an adoption. Consider giving money toward a worthy cause that results in a child getting to live in his or her forever home. Consider giving that results in hope. Give hope.

Consider going to this petition and signing it too.

You can donate to a friend of mine’s adoption by going here:

And you can purchase amazing “mama’s nest” necklaces from a friend of mine too, here: (message her)


15.00 is the typical price. Additional beads may vary cost & shipping would be available also for a small fee.

Whether you sign a petition, give money, or give time as a friend – please pray for the families & children involved in adoptions and show them kindness.

Blessings in Christ,

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