Kindness post # 3: Hope for the orphans

I’d venture to say that most of us have parents – most of us have loving parents that did the best they could to raise us. What if your parents lived in a place that work was so scarce that it was essentially non-existent and that even questionable methods of income were running out?

What if you grew up in a place so stricken with poverty and disease that even your water was impure. Bottled or filtered water? You wouldn’t even own a faucet or sink to dispense it from. MILLIONS of children are experiencing this right now. Many children are orphaned because of abandonment, because of disease, death of parents, or they were given up due to the parents’ incapability to provide. An estimate I located stated there are 153 MILLION children that are orphans world wide (obtained from here). That is a staggering number! What can we do to lessen that or prevent it from growing?

Maybe you aren’t led to adopt a child into your home, but you have other alternatives…

Please take a moment tonight. Right now and pray for the orphans of our world. Pray for their needs, pray for their comfort, pray for their souls.

Interested in something more practical? How can you help a precious orphan in desperate need?
– Give toward an adoption! There are many families that desire to adopt – help them to provide a forever home to that sweet child! I personally know both of the amazing families that are described in this post that are currently in the process of adopting: click here. You can even buy handmade goods from them to offer support! What a special gift to give someone – a gift that says you helped provide hope to an orphan. There are no words!
– “Adopt” a child by sponsoring him or her through a reputable organization where you support them but they get to stay with their families! As my dear friend Mande said in her blog post, sponsorship through organizations like World Vision and Compassion International prevent a child from becoming an orphan! Through a simple monthly contribution that costs less than 1 trip to a restaurant for most couples – you could provide LIFE to a child and PREVENT them from becoming an orphan – is there any greater honor than to help the broken in such a way?

Interested in monthly sponsorship, here are a few links:
World Vision
Compassion International

I hope that you have taken a moment to pray for the orphans. And if you feel led, I hope that you will give practically by supporting a family who is adopting or sponsoring a child. I emphasize the importance of praying about it if you are considering sponsorship – you will be an overwhelming influence in their lives and will have the opportunity to correspond with your child and encourage them. So, if you do sponsor a child – please write them! If you have children, you can have them write the child as well. What a sweet way to show your children that this world is significantly larger than our tiny cities and our first world problems.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please help me pray for the orphans and those generous souls who give to them through ministry, love, sponsorship, as well as through adoptions.

In Christ,

Matthew 18:5 (NIV) “Whoever receives a child in My name, receives Me.” – Jesus
Matthew 25:45 (NIV) “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of the least of these, you did it unto Me.” – Jesus

(obtained from

(obtained from

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