Kindness post #10 – We make a life by what we give

Compared to recent temps, it was cold Tuesday night. Really cold.

Were you inside? Was your home heated and/or did you have warm clothes? Blankets?

Perhaps you have some to spare?

Regardless of the season of the clothes (summer/winter), if you have items that you would like to donate please consider the Chattanooga Community Kitchen’s Consider the Lilies Thrift Store. This store allows them to give away items and to sell items. Those that receive the free items are able to shop like any other patron and still receive the items free. The items that they do sell enables them to provide jobs for the homeless and formerly homeless.

Please check out your closets & see if you have items that are in good condition that you would like to give? I even encourage you to pay close attention to items that can be worn to work and/or interviews as well as casual items and church attire. All of these items can bless someone in need! If you don’t have time to take the items to the community kitchen yourself, email me privately and I can work out a way to get the items from you and I will deliver them.

I was a part of a documentary film crew in college that conducted qualitative research on homelessness in Chattanooga around 5 years ago for a social psych course at UTC and we spent time interviewing and learning about the AMAZING things that the Community Kitchen does for the homeless in our community. It is a phenomenal resource and place of help and hope.

God bless & thanks in advance for your kindness.

In Christ,



Here’s a link to their site:

And from their Facebook page, this is their most recent needs list:

Needs list for Chattanooga Community Kitchen (from Facebook)

Needs list for Chattanooga Community Kitchen (from Facebook)





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