He makes me brave

Several weeks ago I was rushing to church. I was supposed to be there by 8:15 and needed Austin to be ready to go with me too since Justin was away at drill. I was hurried, feeling a tad crabby, and really needed to regain my focus because I was on the praise team that week.

As we walked up to our places on stage, I asked again for Jesus to help me to focus on Him. To take my thoughts captive. To let these moments be about Him. I needed the rush of my responsibilities to calm so that I could bask in His presence as we led our congregation in worship. Between songs I saw my sweet friend in the back and felt a tug to sit with her. When I left the stage I made my way to a seat by her and found her to be so thankful I had joined her. We sat through the service and I felt another pull in my heart: if she goes for prayer, go with her. I thought, um…I am not on the prayer team but okay, I’ll go if she goes. Sure enough, when the altar was opened for prayer, she stepped out and I found myself walking in stride right behind her. As I walked, again I felt a tug to wrap my arms around her when we knelt for prayer, so I did.

She wept in my arms and we prayed.


I silently thanked God that I was obedient that day. It was an odd call to me but I knew I was supposed to do it. It was uncomfortable and scary because of the fears of what if she thinks I am crazy? What if she wants to be alone? What if I’m not supposed to follow her and the prayer team should be doing the praying? What if? What if? What if… Who am I to follow her and pray with her – I’ve had a distracted stress-filled morning! Doubts. Constant doubts. But instead of allowing those doubts to cement my feet to the floor, I just moved. And when I moved immediately, that immediate obedience brought boldness and peace.

And that immediate obedience brought an answer to my friend’s prayer. She had just prayed in her car on the way to church that morning telling Abba Father that she needed someone to hold and comfort her after a challenging week. She was feeling overwhelmed and just needed someone to comfort her. And the Comforter sent me as His arms of love that morning. I’m still in awe that HE would choose ME to love on His behalf.


Why? Because I was willing.

The Holy Spirit is our comforter, just as Jesus promised He would be. (John 14:16 ASV, And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may be with you for ever.)

He makes us brave, and gives us boldness. (1 Timothy 1:7, For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.)


Pray for Him to fill you and guide you – and then be ready to follow the tug on your heart.

But what if it isn’t God? Oh my sweet friend…how can you be sure it is not? If your heart is to serve and love and perform something that is kind and honors His name – don’t just take that step – leap.


In Christ,


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