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Beautifully Broken, Wonderfully Whole – 11/18/14

Tonight our Bible study¬†topic was on brokenness. I asked our group (and you as readers) the following question: What do we do with something that is broken?¬† Some answers we had tonight: if it’s a car, you take it to … Continue reading

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Child of God

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Marriage Tip – Share Your Love Story

Are you married? If you answered yes, then can I ask a question? Did you know marriage is hard? It’s beautiful, chaotic, challenging, and a host of other things all mixed into this incredible experience where two people try to … Continue reading

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Healthy Boundaries: Adding Margin in Our Lives – 11/10/14

I was not going to share this on my blog because I share some personal stuff in this post…then I thought about it and realize that’s just prideful. I don’t want to hide mistakes when there’s a chance I can … Continue reading

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