Marriage Tip – Share Your Love Story

Are you married?

If you answered yes, then can I ask a question?

Did you know marriage is hard? It’s beautiful, chaotic, challenging, and a host of other things all mixed into this incredible experience where two people try to figure out life together. And let’s face it, life is messy.

In marriage, when you are facing a moment where you are keenly aware of the imperfection that exists, it is then that you need to remember that you are both imperfect. You have freely been given grace, now in turn freely give. And who better to receive that grace from you than the ones that love you the most and you love the most?

For the next 48 hours, do not say anything negative about your spouse. For some, this will be very easy, but I know there are some out there for which this will be a challenge. In doing this little exercise, I hope you see the power of positive words and kindness.

Here’s a great marriage tip to dwell upon from “Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson’s” Facebook page:What else can make a successful marriage?

Seek to build your spouse up through kindness. Sincere, intentional kindness for at least the next 48 hours. In addition to the kindness challenge, I have another great tip to inspire you I’d like to share:

I was talking to someone the other day about how we met our spouses. It was so fun to recount the moments of when I first met my precious husband and we she first met hers. It was like making the moments new again. When’s the last time you shared your love story? If you can’t remember…it’s been too long. Share it again, and I guarantee your heart will smile at the thought of those early moments where your love began.

Love in Christ,


By the way, who says you have to stop after 48 hours? 🙂

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