Drill weekend? What shall we do…? SUP!

My husband has been in the Reserves for 17 years. His travel requirements have been a part of our entire courtship & marriage. I try to turn this time of us being sad that he’s away into something positive. So each month when he is at drill, I plan something fun to do with Austin and focus on having some quality time together. Sometimes it’s movies on the couch and sometimes it’s a small outing or experience. I still refer to it as mommy-son time, or as we say “Momo & son time” (He’s called me Momo for years…)

This month I decided to schedule a stand-up paddle (SUP) board rental on the Tennessee River. Earlier this summer, I had already purchased a great deal on Living Social for 2 rentals via L2 Outside in beautiful downtown Chattanooga, TN. 

The staff was laid back and super friendly. My anxiety of being a first-timer was swiftly relieved by their easy-going attitudes and assurance that SUP is fun and not difficult. With the rental purchase they provided the board, paddle, leash, & life vest. 


The Sherpa carries the board down for you (or has it waiting) and explains the basics. They were so kind and patient and provided some excellent tips. 

After half-listening to those precious tips, I had this view!

Feeling like a pro, and then silently freaking out because I’m not a pro, I remembered how to actually stand up and gave it a whirl. Success!! Ok, maybe I watched my teenager and maybe I learned from him… Maybe…


Now, remember I said I was half-listening to the Sherpa? Well, because I’m so awesome 😳  we spent the first half of our SUP rental in virtually the same spot due to the strong current & my total lack of knowledge 😐.   Thankfully the owner Mark had walked down to peek at the day’s customers and noticed our struggle. He was kind enough to paddle out to us and explain the best route and methods. Such a nice guy! After that we were off to explore. ☺️ So fun!


I was up and down on the board like a pro in no time. Well…maybe like a well-practiced novice if such a thing exists… Anyway, I was even able to balance enough that I could take pictures of Austin and splash him with my paddle! Major win: I never fell off of my board today! Score!! (Does anyone say “score” anymore?)

We had wholesome chats about stuff like lost people and dead bodies being discovered on a local island. I’m such a great mom in the way that I instilled fear into my brave teenager while we coasted along the river bank and island in question. Let’s not forget the total fail of not requiring the life vest to be on our bodies (crap!) (Mother of the year: check!)


Jokes and stuff aside, this was such a great choice for Austin and I to spend some quality time together today! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. So fun & good exercise! The staff at L2 Outside are wonderful people & make you feel totally at ease.

BTW: as if the kindness of the owner wasn’t already enough via the rescue… When we were leaving he told us that we get 5.00 each off of our meal at their taco bar next door called Ray-Ray’s. Words that caused music in my heart 😏🎼. 


Yes, lunch was as delicious as this fresh taco looks!

(And here’s proof the teenager enjoyed the day too – he’s smiling! πŸ˜‰)


Want to sign up for your own SUP adventure in beautiful downtown Chattanooga, TN? 

Here’s the link to their website: http://www.l2outside.com.

 Enjoy! πŸ„πŸ»

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