Sunday, fun day!

Today was refreshing. 

It was my first time back to church after our long vacation, and the message and worship were nourishment to my soul. I was so happy to have my dad there, too! Today was also special because we partook in communion. A sacred time for reflecting on the love and sacrifice of Jesus; that despite my flaws He found me worthy of such deep love. True love. Sacrificial love.

After the service,we enjoyed a delicious lunch with Dad at one of my favorite restaurants and then went home to prepare for going out on my dad’s old bass boat. 

We came prepared with snacks, drinks, a tube, and fishing poles. I thought I was going to get to read my new book but the clouds told me a different story… So I tucked the beloved book back into Gloria, my CRV. 



As a last minute thing, we were going to meet our cousins and take turns going out in the small vessel but the clouds decided to empty their load…Big time! So…we took a rain check with them (literally) then took cover and waited out the storm… About 30-45 minutes later the rain began to subside and we ventured out again. The sun struggled to shine through the cloud cover and finally won.  Yay!! I was the first to hop onto the tube to be pulled, yay!! First time for me in YEARS!! 
I was slightly excited, if you can’t tell…

Justin gets the boat going and I was off to a great start, hanging on so well… My husband has heard stories of my legendary tubing skills. How famous uncles and fathers could not shake loose the queen of tubing. The crown still glistening a “few” years since my childhood… 😏👑

Well…my precious husband loves a good challenge… So he attempted to shake me loose… And a strategic maneuvering of the boat, a few flips of the tube with a graceful human attached, and a Premier Designs pearl earring casualty later – he won. 😳 Ha!! It was so fun though. 👏🏻👍🏻


I will earn back my title… I was just a little rusty… 😉 

Climbing into the boat after tubing proved to be a bit more difficult than I realized… 

What’s a day at the lake without battle wounds?? This was after cleaning it up a bit. It was much scarier in person. Really! I thought I might lose my knee… 😱😏😉 (I’m kidding, Mom!)

After Austin and Justin took a turn on the tube we cruised around and then they did a little fishing…

Great fisherman, yes? Fine figure of a man, yes? (Jeremiah Johnson fans, you’ll get that…& you’re welcome.)

During one of our stops at the camp ground Austin tried to catch some minnows… 

The water near the ramp is covered with sea weeds…a little scary movie-ish if you walk around in there… 😱

Nevertheless, it’s still a gorgeous campground and area…here’s the view toward the lake:

What a beautiful day to be on the water after the storms passed! Although we didn’t make it back in time to go to a big fun night at our church… I’m allowing myself grace and instead of beating myself up for missing it, I’ll choose to enjoy the precious quality time I had with my favorite guys today… I’m thinking I like being done with grad school… Very much so 😉. 

Today was beautiful, in so many ways. And I’m oh so thankful… 


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