2015 Reflection and 2016 Expectation

2015 in review:
Austin turned 15, completed his freshman year of high school and began his sophomore year. He competed in track and joined the HHS football team. And the big one: he got his learners’ permit!

I accepted a new responsibility at work that shifted my current job to a dual-purpose role, resulting in becoming a certified Master Coach and getting to spend 1:1 time with lots of amazing people. I also FINISHED a masters degree in psychology, industrial-organizational specialization! PTL!! I stumbled upon a new hobby-side-business through my handmade crafts, ran my fastest 5k pace ever (on a treadmill), helped put on a 5k race with a great group of people, hosted a book/Bible study for 3 months in my home while co-hosting weekly running small group, and completed the P90x3 program. I’m sure I’m leaving some stuff out here but, wow!

It is so awesome to reflect on the past year and see God’s hand in so many things. There were certainly tough times as well as some uncertain times, still through the exciting, joyful, challenging, and the confusing – the Lord remained, and will continue to remain near and faithful.

I am excited about 2016. I know in my heart that 2016 holds change for me and my family. Some things I am already aware of, others I am not but I feel them. The Lord is preparing me for something in 2016 and I don’t know what that is but I pray that I show myself worthy and faithful. Sometimes I feel as though I fail a 1000 times for any one that I seem to get it right…so I pray that with whatever is coming…I am prayed up and ready. I look at the future with expectation and hope. For the Lord is faithful and true to His word. Jeremiah 29:11 & Romans 8:28.

As a Master Coach and a professional that holds a MS in I/O Psychology, I’m a firm believer in goal setting. Personally…I’m still contemplating, praying, and considering my 2016 goals…I plan to write them down and continue to pray over them throughout the year, but I also expect that His plan is much greater than mine can ever be. So whatever I plan may not play out as I envisioned. Still, I know the value of goals. When we have a place of focus, then we can steer toward that place. Otherwise…we are aimless. I do not want to be aimless in any aspect of my life. I pray that you are challenged also to set goals with prayer and expectation. Let’s enter the coming year with focus, prayer, and trust.

With hope and anticipation,


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