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I’ve been drained recently. I’ve been running at high speed for what feels like 2 years now. Between spending a year and a half doing full time grad school with full time work and then post-graduation deciding to over-schedule myself and then buying/selling houses – I’m ready to listen and submit to God’s call to me to enter a season of rest.  It’s interesting how when you think you have nothing available, God sends someone to you to receive the gifts He’s placed within you. My gifts are exhortation and worship. I come alive when I lead worship at church and when singing freely in the congregation. I come alive when I speak life into another person’s heart and spirit. To the point of shaking and tears at times, I come alive in these moments! These are moments my soul was made for…

And when I’m spent and drained and He uses me anyway – I’m broken in a good way. I’m humbled and reminded that it is not of me that I can carry out these tasks He gives me. It is not my own strength… But that I MUST return to His well. He MUST be the Mountain where I run, the Fountain I drink from – HE IS MY SONG!

One week ago I was preparing to assist in leading worship for a young girls’ retreat. Middle & high school aged teens from a couple of area churches were coming together for a conference to learn about the value of sisterhood. Exhausted, drained, and my physical body under allergy attack (YUCK POLLEN!) I begin to allow fear to creep into my mind, and press down my heart. Thoughts that say I’m not good enough or talented enough or worthy enough to share the stage with the artists that were scheduled to serve. Without fail, when I am supposed to lead a song over the last few years the enemy immediately attacks my physical strength and vocals and my confidence.

It is in those moments that I have to remember the gift I’ve been given is to worship and the power that exists in that moment. That God sees something beautiful in me and gave me a vulnerable heart that loves to worship Him and pour herself out for Him and encourage others to join in. I begin to take control of my thoughts to the authority of Jesus (2 Corin. 10:5) and pray declarations over my heart and my life. I begin to worship Him and praise Him and spend time pouring out whatever is in my mind and heart to Him in prayer and listen as He pours back into me through His Word and/or powerful songs. In my living room in preparation for the evening that would lie ahead later that week, I poured out everything I had as if God Himself was sitting in my living room. Why? Because He was/is. The Word of God says that He is ever present… There’s no place that we can go that He has not been nor is not present (Genesis 28:15, Psalm 139:7, Jeremiah 29:13, Joshua 1:9.) My gift of worship is for Him but it’s also a place where I do battle! Later that week when the conference came, after having a few people speak life into me and remind me to leave it all on the stage and worship Him freely – we did just that. The fear and lack of confidence fell off of me like broken chains. The physical ailments I had battled faded and I felt free and worshiped Him in that freedom. And I know He was there. Not the usual “He’s always near” but the “I feel Him all around and am pouring myself out because I know He’s here” stuff.

You guys…He is real. This is not some myth. It’s not some fairy tale that might make us feel warm and fuzzy or give us false hope. HE.IS.REAL. JESUS WALKED THIS EARTH. HE GAVE HIMSELF AS A RANSOM FOR OUR SINS. HE CONQUERED DEATH AND ROSE AGAIN – HE IS ALIVE!!!!!


CELEBRATE the RISEN SAVIOR this weekend. You no longer have to live in bondage but can live free, NOW. If you do not have a home church, please visit ours! Visit your mom’s, dad’s, sister’s, brother’s, coworker’s, neighbor’s – someone’s somewhere – just go. Don’t stay in your brokenness I tell you the truth this day you can have life again and have it abundantly in Christ Jesus. Run to the Father. Don’t let past regrets, past hurts, past anything hold you back from receiving the gifts that He has for you.  Need a church to visit? We have services tonight and Sunday:  www.thecitychurch.cc

Good Friday: 7:30 pm, Easter Sunday 9:15, 11:00 (AM), 6:00 PM – Childcare is available at all. 7122 Lee Hwy, Chattanooga, TN.

Don’t let the lies of this world steal your joy. Your joy is not of yourself, your circumstances, nor your surroundings – true joy is something found in the Father. Speak life over yourself, your circumstances, and those around you. Speak life.

And while you’re at it…check out this song… You’re welcome 🙂

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18:21

Speak life.

Declare it with me. Over your circumstances. Your fear. Your life. Sing it to Him with me: You’re the King of my heart. You’re the Mountain where I run. The Fountain I drink from. You are my song. You’re the Shadow where I hide. The Ransom for my life. You are my song. The Wind inside my sails, the Anchor in the waves. The fire inside my veins. The Echo of my days – YOU ARE MY SONG.

In Christ,


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  1. Enjoying your stuff! Maybe it’s cause we have written some very similar things 😂
    I am trying to find a ‘subscribe’ button. Am I missing it?

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    • amyeaton says:

      Thanks Bob!! I love your stuff too, and I think you’re right. We like sharing about similar topics. ha! There should be a floating “follow” button in the bottom right. Does it come up for you? Let me know…If not, I’ll check to see if it’s something in the way I have the page set up. Thanks!!!


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