Writer’s Block – Inside An Amateur’s Mind

I’m trying to write a blog and I’m experiencing what I assume must be writer’s block. I’m a hobby  blogger. I don’t have some set schedule and just write when the mood hits and I feel like I have something I want to share. Sometimes it’s spiritually focused where God has placed a topic and message on my heart and sometimes it’s just randomness. Tonight I’m trying (again) to write for an assignment where I will be a guest blogger for another website. My topic needs to be faith-based and so I am intentionally trying to begin in the Bible. Every topic I pursue either gets totally derailed or hits a wall and I cannot connect the next thought inside my brain. Here’s a little insight into my head right now and the thoughts swimming around:

I’m going to write about inadequacy. Am I enough Jesus? Do I do enough? Ugh, Amy. Don’t compare yourself to others.

But ___’s and ___’s and ____’s blog entries were SO GOOD. LIKE SHAREABLE and LIKEABLE on social media good. Will anyone like mine?

Did I eat that chocolate bar? Do I still have chips and salsa?

Cole! Stop putting your paws on the keyboard! (Cole = my miniature schnauzer.)

My dog is so soft, I love him. Jesus, I’m so thankful for my dog.

Cole, get off of the power cord!

He really is the best dog. Well…when he doesn’t ask to go outside 15 times in 10 minutes just so he can sniff the air and bark at pedestrians. But he really is so cute.

(Continue to pet dog, remember I’m supposed to be studying and writing… back to reading the Bible.)

Oh.My.Gosh. “Cole! If you scratch on the door to go out one more time in the next 5 minutes so help me. Get back up here! Good boy…”

Awww, he wants to cuddle. What was I doing? Oh yeah, studying.

Why can’t I think of a topic and stick with it??

Okay…okay… Don’t worry! I’m worrying. Well…not really worrying…just overly focusing on the reality that this is due in a couple of weeks.

I’ve got it! If I am worrying I bet other people are worrying. Jesus said don’t worry. Lots of people battle anxiety. Yep, going to write about worry. Google, where is the scripture that says “who among you has added an hour to your life by worrying?” Oh Matthew.

Is it bad that I’m using Google? I could look it up myself in the Bible but I could spend more time writing and reading focused passages if I just Google it. Yep, using Google.

Wait! It’s in Luke, too? Hmmm…which do I choose? Let’s go with the doctor; Luke it is!

Oh, but I almost opened to the exact page in Matthew – it must be a sign.

Yep. Going to reference Matthew 6.

I wonder who was He talking to when He gave this teaching? (Flips pages) Oh! It’s the sermon on the mount. Was this really the sermon on the mount?

Well…it does say He went up on the side of a mountain, there’s the Beatitudes! Yep, sermon on the mount.

Hmmm…these words aren’t in red. I wish they were in red. Sure makes it easy to notice when He’s talking. Well…reading it makes it easy, too.

What message am I trying to convey here? What story can I reference personal experience from in this blog? Think woman!

I love writing. What is the big deal?

I really need to run tonight. The church race is in roughly 3 weeks.

I wonder how fundraising is going? I need to update the team with a devotion. Oh I did that this morning! I need to text my sister the fundraising link. Maybe I should remind the team to use text for fundraising. Will [my husband] want to go walking tonight?

My brain is tired. (Cole is laying by my side, looking up and then resting his head on my legs)

Cole, you are cute, but do not put your head on this laptop. I mean it! Awww, My dog is so soft…

What am I going to write about?



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