Rescue for the Hungry

I think I am losing my mind.


Like the you’re-not-normal-kind of losing your mind. I have to consciously fight the desire to cry big tears when I think of the brokenness all around us. I’m reading Interrupted and spending time studying the Word and constantly thinking of how I can reach the hearts of those around me for hungry orphans. To explain…I’m currently in the middle of raising funds to help provide food to orphanages around the world through a “run for hope” event at church and I can’t help but think about every dollar.

When I buy a 4.03 cent coffee, I struggle with guilt. That would’ve provided food to a child for nearly a week. That tank top that I got for such a deal at 12.00 could’ve gone to feeding a child for over 2 weeks. I didn’t need another freaking tank top. Ugh. Why did I buy that??

I remember when I came home from Albania in 2012 after having done mission work there, even though I hadn’t spent my whole time overseas with just the children I was still so broken over their stories. They are the ones that still cloaked my mind. My heart ached at the thought of the sweet little girl who was out selling items to us for money whom undoubtedly would be returning to turn her money in to an unseen pimp that was over her. And thinking of the precious children I had played games with and even gotten a little frustrated with when they were not playing fairly – but quickly humbled when I discovered later that they had been found digging in the trash – for food.

Sweet Jesus. My heart cannot bear it. It’s too heavy for my eyes and it brings physical pain to my chest.

Rescue. That is the word that comes to my mind as I am writing this.

Isn’t that what Jesus does? Isn’t that the way He loves? Aren’t we supposed to love like Him? So then, aren’t we supposed to rescue?

There are countless children around the world that are in desperate need of a rescue. I am going to share some really great things about the program I am supporting, but please know I am not saying they are the only avenue. The ultimate story I am trying to communicate here is that you should simply give. If you are reading this, then you likely have some sort of means to have either a cell phone, computer, or tablet. If you are viewing this via internet you access within your home, then you are among the top 3% richest in the world (more info). Even if you are only able to give 5.00 then that is 5.00 more than what they would have without your gift.

Orphan Run 4 Hope helps support 50 orphanages in 30 countries around the world. They see to it that every penny that they receive from you goes directly into the orphanages. Yes – all of the money received goes to putting food in hungry children’s bellies.

THIS IS SERIOUS. We had so much pizza for dinner that we could’ve easily fed more. I see so much food thrown away in restaurants and even in our own home. We aren’t the only ones with more than we need. In our collective excess, surely there are some that can give. Surely some can share. Surely many want to share. I don’t care what the amount is, if you are moved at all at the truth that you can provide food to a child in need through your donation, please give. Give to any organization that you believe in. I certainly believe in mine and welcome you to join me.

Orphanages provide shelter, a safe environment, food, and so much more to children who otherwise would most certainly be victims to terrible conditions such as trafficking.

Be the rescue.

Give hope.

Meet the basic need of providing food to orphans.

Want some #s? 20.00 provides food for a WHOLE MONTH to an orphan!

240.00 provides food for AN ENTIRE YEAR to an orphan. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve seen a grocery bill that high – and it would’ve fed a child for an entire year!

I could keep going, but you get the point… Your money can go SO FAR. Thank you for reading and considering this noble cause…and especially thank you to any who give.

Here’s the link to my fundraiser page. Many of you I will reach out to personally, but for those I don’t reach out to personally, I don’t want to not give you the chance to give to the work that God is doing through these orphanages and your generosity.

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