Let All the Other Names Fade Away

A powerful move of God came over us during worship this morning at church as we sang the lyrics to Spirit Break Out (Click here for a Kim-Walker Smith version.) I had been praying through the lines while singing, praying the lyrics over our church. Over our city. Over our hearts. I already felt a stirring deep within and could not help but drop my head and lift my arms in worship considering how precious Jesus is and how unworthy I am. As often is the case for my heart that is so prone to worship my King, the song became a prayer:

Spirit break out!

Break our walls down!

Spirit break out!

Heaven come down!

 King Jesus! You’re the name we’re lifting high!

Your glory – shaking up the Earth and skies!

Revival, we want to see Your kingdom here. Jesus!

Toward the end of the song we sang lines from a Matt Redman song (Wide as the Sky)

Let all the other names fade away

Until there’s only You

Let all the other names fade away

Jesus take Your place

I know I am not alone when I say it was a heart’s cry lifting up from many of our souls to the One Who saves. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong. A bold word came through tongues and interpretation and God spoke to us. He said many things, but He also asked “Do you know what you are asking for?”

It is still resonating with me and I respond: no and yes, God.

No, I don’t think we know the magnitude of what that plea is truly asking for. No, because I do think some are simply singing or standing in the presence but not feeling moved or shaken. But also YES! Some of us do know (within our human capacity) we are asking for You to break out and do mighty things. We want revival, God. Not the temporary thing but the kind that radically changes us for Your kingdom & glory’s sake. We are not satisfied with the rat race. We are not satisfied with handshakes and “I’m fine” answers. We are not satisfied with simply living for ourselves or to build a nest egg. WE WANT TO SEE JESUS.

Our pastor Mike Chapman, sensing the presence, called us to stay in the moment and pray. We began to sing those words again:

It was in this moment that I began to weep uncontrollably. I had no words. I couldn’t even formulate a prayer. The only thing that could pour out of me were prayers in tongues. I’m weeping again as I type this blog. I’m talking the screen is fuzzy because of the tears blurring my eyes and streaming down my face.

Something big is happening in our church. It is starting in the hearts of a few, and I pray it becomes the cry of many.

Jesus is placing a holy unrest within us.

I just know that I am not alone in this. He is stirring us. Beckoning us. Will you come to Him? Will you let all the other names fade away? Even your own – until there’s only Him? Will you say yes?


Yes, God. Yes. I know what I am asking for. Yes, I want you to take Your rightful place. Yes, I know what I say when I ask that Your spirit break out.


And as I ask that Your spirit break out…I ask that it penetrate every place of our lives.

Change us, God. Help us to live like we believe what we sing, read, and pray.

Help us to live generously because what we have is already Yours.

Lead us to love lavishly because none are worthy and we are not judge-material. We are called to love and to serve. To speak with life on our tongues, not death. To speak with faith, not fear.

Help us to serve with sincerity that you may be glorified and honored.

When we are confused, afraid, overwhelmed or lonely, help us to go to Your Holy Word before we go to Google. May You be our first source we seek. May we make time in Your Word and in prayer a priority of our days. May we desire You and seek You like the songs that we sing declare.

Help us to listen and meditate on the words of the songs we sing to You. May our spirits be renewed and encouraged and live out what we are singing. May worship flow from deep places within us where we behold a glimpse of your majesty. May the songs become more than a melody – may they be proclamations and dedications of our souls.

May we live what we sing, read, and believe.

Yes, God. We know what we are asking for – and we declare boldly and humbly again –

Jesus take your place, In our homes, in our families, in our jobs, in our friendships, in our interactions, in our commute, in our spending, in our desires, in our leisure, in our dreams, in our communities – in everything:

Jesus take Your place.



(Photo credit: Erin Hesterly)

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