Worship Series – God With Us

imageA few weeks ago I stumbled upon a writing topic that God has placed onto my heart: going deeper with worship songs. As a servant that helps lead worship at my local church, I learn and listen to songs often. I love discovering new music that stirs my soul. Just when I think “oh man, this is my favorite song of all time” – boom! Another one shows up that grips my heart. Or…an old one ministers to my heart like a soothing balm in a new way. God With Us (Jesus Culture / Bryan & Katie Torwalt) is an example of one of those songs. Listen to it here:


As a worship leader, I listen to a song frequently and meditate on the words as I memorize them. My personal goal is to have them so deeply planted that when it is time to be on stage I can simply worship my King and not worry about performing the song and staying within the mechanics. (And God bless the musicians that play along when I am singing lead, poor souls have their work cut out for them – ha! 😉 ) Tomorrow I have the honor of leading God With Us to our kids church population. Oh the heart of a child! I can’t wait to worship with them tomorrow! While praying about serving I couldn’t help but think of how we will greet them and I began to meditate on the words again and to consider deep in my spirit what they’ve spoken to me… I’ll start first with the chorus:

God with us

God for us

Nothing can come against

No one can stand between us

These words bring so much beauty and encouragement into my spirit. What marvelous truth! God IS with us. God IS for us. NOTHING can come against…NO ONE can stand between us. Think about that… God, the creator of the universe. The giver of life and the majestic power that sustains us – God – is with you and He is for you. He never leaves your side and His heart is moved with compassion toward you!

Let’s look a little deeper at the incredible things this song declares by reviewing the first verse:

You are matchless in grace and mercy
There is nowhere we can hide from Your love
You are steadfast, never failing, You are faithful
All creation is in awe of who You are

You’re the healer of the sick and the broken
You are comfort for every heart that mourns
Our King and our Savior forever
For eternity we will sing of all You’ve done
For eternity we will sing of all You’ve done

Yes Lord! Your Word agrees with this song:

“You are merciful, Lord! You are kind and patient and always loving. You are good to everyone, and you take care of all your creation.” – Psalm 145:8-9

Psalm 139:7-8 “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.”

Psalm 36:5, Psalm 89:8, Deuteronomy 7:9, Lamentations 3:22-23, Hebrews 10:23 all proclaim the faithfulness & steadfastness of God.

When I meditate on these truths, I’m in awe of Who He is. And so I sing…

God with us, God for us. Nothing can come against. No one can stand between us.

Your heart, it moves with compassion
There is life, there is healing in Your love
You’re the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit
For eternity we will sing of all You’ve done
We sing!

God with us, God for us. Nothing can come against. No one can stand between us.

Such power in these words! He IS matchless in grace and mercy. He is the healer and comfort and compassionate. He brings life to the dead places. He restores. No matter what our circumstances we can still declare: He’s the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit!

A little back story about this song, Bryan and Katie Torwalt’s best friend’s daughter was in the NICU, a tiny month old baby battling bacterial meningitis. They spent lots of time in the hospital with their friends knowing the power of worship, they had a playlist of worship music playing non-stop in her room during her stay. They began to write God With Us during that time and Katie even came home one night from the hospital with the chorus “God with us…God for us…nothing can come against, no one can stand between us.” Even during the unknown, they chose to worship Him because He is with them. For them. He’s worthy. He’s able.

Here’s a video interview with them about that time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQfj6a7ZoXE&feature=youtu.be

Knowing personally that He can bring healing to even the most broken places, they chose to lift His name and proclaim His goodness as they faced the unknown.

Whatever you are facing, I hope you will surround yourself with songs of life. Songs that speak life into your spirit and remind you of Who God is. And next time you are singing a song in church… let those lyrics soak in and ask God to let them take root. There are few things more beautiful than the glow on the face of someone in worship – lift high the name of our King. Jesus is truly worthy of our praise.

In Christ,


PS- on iTunes you can purchase the album Let It Echo, by Jesus Culture.  In the Live recording of God With Us, you can hear a voice come up and share his heart regarding the next song they are about to sing, ‘Miracles.’ That voice is Chris Quilala.

Chris and Alyssa Quilala lost their son in December 2015. He shares about that journey in the recording when he says: “Can we still proclaim the truth that God is our healer? That God is the God that raises the dead and that God is good? As we continued on from losing our son, it was really important to us to keep the truth of who God is in front of us. So we started writing songs. This song is about God’s miracle power and for us it was really important to proclaim that.”  (video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T00RuLd4i3A ) Image captured from: https://www.facebook.com/jesusculture/photos/a.10150338210974978.1073741832.23650304977/10150469682859978/?type=3&theater

Keep the truth of Who God is in front of you. Surround yourself with reminders of the truth that He is good, faithful, comfort…life.

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