Day 3 in Romania – Boiu and AMEC

Thursday, March 2nd marked our 3rd day in Romania. As mentioned in my Day 2 post I was VERY sick. Like sicker than I had been in years, so much so that I posted my first ever please-pray-for-me-I-think-I’m-dying-middle-of-the-night-post (ha! Well…it’s funny now…wasn’t so much then.) My team had encouraged me to rest today and as mentioned in the middle-of-the-night-post (linked above) I had spent time in prayer and had peace that it was exactly what I was supposed to do. Plus…I was SO weak.

I spent time sleeping, reading the word, listening to music, and praying. Billie was resting too because she was beginning to not feel well. I have prayed hard each night that she would not get sick :(. Poor roomie! That girl can sleep though! I guess anyone could after they’d been kept up each night by their coughing roomie 😐 . I slipped out of the room to go to the common area with my blanket and pillow because the guys in the courtyard were sawing wood for building picnic tables and bookshelves – SO LOUD. Plus..I wanted to study for a bit and since I was awake I was coughing more and didn’t want to wake Billie with my paper rattling and lung-hacking…


Peeking out the window at my noisy companions making pretty things…

There was a point during the day where we were both awake though and I somehow got around to sharing my testimony. She read my notes for my talk I was to share at the conference on Saturday and I shared a lot of detail about my testimony – things I hadn’t planned to share at the conference. Billie affirmed that I definitely needed to share those things. She explained that it would really resonate with some of the people there and not to leave it out – this was clearly one of the reasons we were at AMEC today. I fully believe God wanted to use this time for my good and His glory (Romans 8:28) and while He had me slowed down and had my attention He clarified what I needed to share on Saturday. He also allowed me time to pray for my team as they ministered in Boiu village. Our schedule here was so packed that I would not have had the time to slow my mind and spirit for this conversation and contemplation otherwise. Man – He truly uses all circumstances when we let Him!

During my time in the Word I had spent time reviewing Isaiah 40:21-31 and I was reminded by the Lord that I was there in His strength – not my own. I didn’t have to fear or stress over what was ahead of me and if I would be ready because He is able to sustain me, equip me, and guide me. I just need to be willing and show up. Even if I’m afraid, I just need to show up and have more faith than fear.

Something else I realized is that yet again, God had given me provision for this journey! In the middle of February I had gone to the clinic at work and was diagnosed with mild bronchitis and given meds. I was on the mend however the Wednesday before I was to leave for Romania, I was at work and realizing I was having chronic allergy symptoms again. (TMI warning) I have a deviated septum, a cyst (benign) in my sinus cavity, and I’m allergic to something year round – so…I get sinus infections quickly that can become bacterial and require antibiotic (ugh! I hate taking them.) I have a clinic at work and almost went back to to see them however I really felt strongly I should contact my PCP and see if she would prefer to see me. She wanted me to come in the Friday before I left so she could see how I was and determine if my bronchitis had healed. I was actually doing really well, much better but as a precaution she sent me with a Rx for an antibiotic and steroid pack. God provided me with the medicines I would need before I realized I would need them! And this was great because the 2 pharmacies I had been to in Romania did not even have the OTC medicines I use when my allergies ramp up like diphenhydramine.

Billie and I also took time to organize all of the supplies for upcoming ministry in Romania. We sorted out all of the conference give-a-way items, bagged up the goodies for the men and women at the homeless shelter, prepared items for the women at the rehab facility, etc. With two of us tackling it, we were able to knock it out pretty quick and enjoy each other’s company in the process while the rest of our team was away doing ministry in the village.

Speaking of the team, they were at Boiu village most of the day. When they came home late that night they brought Billie & I some dinner from Super Mamma (kabob pui! yum 🙂 ). We ate our meal and listened to their stories. It was a very different experience, they shared. My friend Marcie shared how she was coloring with some sweet boys and one young one looked so sleepy. He let her pick him up and she was rocking him and the big brother came over and got him and they left. I imagine they are not super trusting of adults, or strangers. It was clear this boy was caring for his little brother. I think they said he was no more than 8…maybe even 6, and his younger brother was around 2/3. I can’t imagine what they experience as Roma children in a village in Romania. I’m so thankful for after-school programs like what Stelli and Christina provide! My team also told me about how Stelli and Christina are translating the bible into the Roma languages! Wow! How incredible is that! Here’s a video about the after-school program (click here.)

Here are some pictures from Boiu courtesy of my super talented friend Addie:

Thanks for reading! I’ll share more about the other days we were blessed to be in Romania soon. Feel free to subscribe or come back soon to check them out.


Blessings & love in Christ,


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