God’s Provision – Flying to Romania

(This is a copy of a post I put on my personal Facebook page in the wee hours of the morning of Tuesday, 2/28/17)


I would like to introduce my friend Andi. Our paths were not originally going to cross, but through a series of connected events she is now snoozing beside me on the plane. And my friend Tinsley doesn’t know it yet, but God had a plan for her to change to a window seat this morning…

You see this morning, I checked into my flight online from home and didn’t see anything indicating my dietary needs. As a precaution I decided to call the airline and was informed that they did not have my gluten free meal noted. Honest mistake. It happens. The rep took care of my return flight however today’s flight meal could not be accommodated. Not to worry, I ate a hearty meal on the way and a snack in the airport and was prepared to eat packaged snack foods for dinner. I feared I might get a little hungry but brushed it off as no big deal since I would be sleeping most of the flight.

My friend Tinsley’s husband had encouraged her to get a window seat so she changed her seat this morning. Tinsley was my original flight neighbor 😳. So when she changed her seat, unbeknownst to her, it meant I was opened up to fly beside a stranger. She was so sweet and apologetic about it and I assured her it was fine, I planned on sleeping and/or reading anyway. I also might’ve told her that it was okay as long as my stranger neighbor doesn’t smell or steal my stuff 😂.

Funny thing is, it was God’s plan of provision all along. My flight mate turned out to be a wonderful woman who is originally from the states and has lived in Germany 40 years. She’s a retired opera singer & teacher! Her husband is a conductor and travels around the world. Andi and I hit it off and enjoyed chatting about our families and life. When she learned I have celiac and I didn’t have a special meal coming she informed me she had a special meal coming and wanted me to have it. She was insistent as she had no dietary restrictions and was simply requesting the healthier option meal to appease her husband. When Andi’s special meal arrived it was steamed fish over peas & carrots, roasted potatoes, fruit, and a salad! As I ate this amazing meal I silently thanked the Lord and marveled at how full I felt when I had expected to be hungry or to eat snacks as my dinner. But God reminded me in that moment that though I expected to be empty, He made sure that I was full.
Even in the smallest details, He cares for my every need. God is so good y’all. So good.

Oh and the icing on the cake?! The meals they served to general passengers turned out to both be gluten. I would not have been able to have eaten either one! And better yet – the meal Andi ate instead is one of her favorites. He blessed her, too! How awesome is my God?!?!

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬

#biggerthanme #ccromania17

Well, it’s after 2 am where I’m headed…better get some sleep now. I just had to share about this sweet little provision from Father! Thank you all for your continued prayers


Update: Later that morning I felt led to let Andi read the post above on my personal Facebook page. She almost cried! I told her it’s okay, I had cried like 3 times in the night thinking about it. Haha! She then proceeded to tell me of how she tried to change her seat multiple times that morning but couldn’t and found it odd. (I told her that was not a coincidence – her seat wasn’t ready yet! :)) She said when she arrived at the ticket counter at the airport she requested a change in seat then and specifically asked for seat 22!! And when they said 22H is available – she said, I’ll take it! That’s her favorite # and her husband’s initial. Wow! On a plane where there were several open seats, some full rows, and multiple double window spots open, she asked for a specific seat knowing she was going to be seated by a stranger. God had a plan!! He always does!

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