Reminding myself that He’s faithful

This has encouraged many on my Facebook page so I thought perhaps I should share it here, too. Here’s what I posted:

Going through some old notes on my phone tonight and I found this declaration I wrote to myself and the prayer I was clinging to when I was facing significant difficulty during a major life storm. Perhaps someone else is facing a dark storm right now and could find encouragement in reading this declaration and praying with trust that He will provide the wisdom and peace you need. He’s so faithful. So wonderfully faithful…

Here is what I wrote in that note:


-Even in the darkness I declare my God is faithful.
-In the joyful and the broken moments.
-When my lungs are heavy and labored.
-When my prayers are jumbled and weak.
-When the world is spinning too fast for me to keep up.
-Even His Word is the only solid thing I can hold onto.

His strength sustains me.
His love surrounds me.
His promises carry me.

Hold me faithful One. Fight for me. Give me wisdom. Give me faith.


Be encouraged dear ones. He hears you. He holds you. He’s with you. ❤️

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