What if?

I have this crazy question that could change the way you see worship in church. How you worship God in your everyday life. In your thoughts…


What if we worshipped God as if He was really in the room?

Let it soak in. Contemplate how it would affect your expression of worship at church. Now…Let’s take it deeper…

What if we stopped worrying about looking weird or what anyone else thought and we instead worshipped Him with abandon?

What if we contemplated the gift He has given when we enter into corporate worship in His house?

What if we lived like we believe what’s in the Word?

The Word of God says “where two or three are gathered in my name there I am in the midst of them” (Matt 18:20)

He IS here. He IS present in the service. He’s present in your quiet moments at home and the chaos of your week. There’s no place you can go that you’re out of His reach, His sight…His love. (Psalm 139)

What if our choices and our actions and every part of our worship in our lives were all poured out as if we recognized His unending presence?

What if we lived like He was with us in every moment? What if we lived like we knew how much He loves and wants us? Like we knew what His very real and painful, willfully loving sacrifice has set us free from. What if?

(Photo by Nani Williams, City Church of Chattanooga)

In Christ,


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