When Your Safety Net Fails

I had a plan, until the safety net failed.

I am a natural risk assessor. It’s like it’s in my DNA. I have a hugely positive and sunny disposition, however I’m extremely good at seeing all the ways something will fail and go wrong.

When making big decisions, I want to have as much control as possible. In the project management world, it’s called risk analysis and prevention. I’m pretty sure I have a badge somewhere that dubs me at queen level. The problem with this is that it doesn’t jive well with faith. Faith is saying I’m going to believe this no matter what I see. No matter how this could go wrong, I’m going to trust that good will come, even when I can’t see it and don’t feel it. Risk prevention says: let’s think of all the ways this could go wrong and put in preventive measures and controls to assure those don’t occur: safety nets.

In mid-July, God used a house to get me to say yes to selling my own. It was a house I initially didn’t want, but I kept being drawn back to it. We finally went to view it and I could see us living there. Picturing how we would set up the living room, the bedrooms, my office… Suddenly I was all in, and ready to sell our house.

The house we had fallen in love with had oddly been on the market around 140 days and was technically under contract with special stipulations. The current buyers had a contingency that they would get it upon the sale of their other home. Although there had been no activity on their home and they were nearing the time point where their offer would be no longer on the table. Additionally, there was something called “right to refusal” in there meaning that if the sellers received a better offer, they could go with that… So, we had decided we would list our house with absolute confidence it would sell swiftly, but we couldn’t put in an offer until ours was an active MLS listing. No big deal though, it all seemed so certain. The house would remain under contract with the other folks until 8/1, and ours would go active 7/26 giving us plenty of time to get our offer in and find an agreement between counter offers before 8/1 hit and it was released.

Sunday 7/22 rolls around and that day a guest minister (Bishop Mitch Corder) came to share the message – and the title of his message? Learning How To Wait. I was grateful God was preparing my heart because we were about to enter into some tough terrain… But I still had my safety net, I was certain we would get the house we had grown to love and confident ours would sell, hoping it would be soon. Something huge that shouted to me was when Bishop Corder said “While you’re waiting, God is working.” I was so excited! Surely this was God reminding me He’s working behind the scenes and that we would get that house! But, during the service, God told me to go to the house that afternoon to pray… So I asked my husband to take me there because God had told me to go there and pray. (PS – no one currently lives there so no people were freaked out in the making of this story…😳😬😉) When I got there it was starting to rain so I walked around with my umbrella and prayed, while there God told me to place my hand on the doors while praying. Um…Okay. I prayed that God would have His will. If we weren’t supposed to live there, that He would guide us. And that if the other family is supposed to be there that He would help them sell their home so that they could buy it and get moved in and settled, allowing them to get/keep their kids in a great school. Otherwise, to let it all work out and allow us to buy the home and use it to be a blessing to our family and to others.

All the while not knowing, that He was preparing me for what lies ahead…

Monday 7/23 comes and the verse of the day is Matthew 7:7 and my app is set to the Amplified Classic version “Keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on KNOCKING [reverently] and [THE DOOR] will be opened to you.” WHAT!!?? YES!! This must be confirmation!! We’re going to get that house!!

Tuesday 7/24 comes and the verse of the day is Matthew 7:8 and again I’m in the AMPC version “For everyone who keeps on asking receives; and he who keeps on seeking finds; and to him who keeps on knocking, [THE DOOR] will be opened.” You guys – I can’t make this stuff up!! This is clearly a sign!! Keep asking, the house is mine!

Thursday 7/26 rolls around, and our house goes live online. The photos turned out incredible and I had a sting in my heart as I saw my beautiful home online for anyone to view and come bid on in just a few short days. The sting was swiftly overcome with the excitement that we could now submit our offer on the other house we wanted… We had our realtor over that night, agreed on an offer and that was that. Now we wait for their counter…

The next morning (7/27) God placed the song Seasons by Hillsong Worship on my heart, specifically the words “if You’re not done working, then God I’m not done waiting.” I played the song loud and spent time in worship, unsure of what He was stirring but completely sure that I love and trust Him. In just a few short hours I got the call that the sellers would be submitting a counter offer to our initial one (fully expected) but that we would remain as a back-up offer because a CASH offer SIGHT UNSEEN came in AT THE SAME TIME as our offer did the night before.

A house that has sat unnoticed, essentially unwanted in a hot market for almost 5 months sells right out from under us the very moment we can commit to it. And God had prepared my heart for the news through a message, through His Word, through various people, and through worship that morning…

And He whispers again: W A I T – worship and trust Me. I’m not finished. Don’t be afraid. Good will come…

[bridge of Seasons by Hillsong]

I can see the promise

I can see the future

You’re the God of seasons

I’m just in the winter

If all I know of harvest

Is that it’s worth my patience

Then if You’re not done working

God I’m not done waiting

You can see my promise

Even in the winter

Cause You’re the God of greatness

Even in a manger

For all I know of seasons

Is that You take Your time

You could have saved us in a second

Instead You sent a child

In a moment my safety net was gone.

Will I still trust Him? Do I still see Him as the great big, powerful, omniscient and kind God I had declared Him to be. Even when I am about to sell my home with no idea where I will be going?

Yes. Yes I do. And to help my mind see what my soul knows, I had chosen songs to sing as the worship leader that Sunday morning in our kids venue that would point our (my) heart to His goodness, wisdom, and power. (Also something that was set in motion before I knew what I would be facing that coming weekend…)

By the way, when our house became available to view that Sunday afternoon with an open house, it was flooded with potential buyers. And our first private showing potentials snatched up our house with a strong offer on Monday 7/30 (all in a 2 day period) I saw Him answer a prayer that still blows me away when I think of it!! He even provided a surprising delayed closing date that was so badly hoped for in my heart, but something I never dreamed possible.

He didn’t have to do that. He doesn’t have to surprise me. But He’s truly the giver of all good things. We read it. We sing it. But do we believe it?

I know I do.

I know that He’s good.

And I know that He has good ahead.

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In Christ,


(This is the 3rd installment of an ongoing series. For part 2, click here.)

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4 Responses to When Your Safety Net Fails

  1. amyeaton says:

    Lyrics and video link to Seasons by Hillsong: https://hillsong.com/lyrics/seasons/


  2. Sandy says:

    He is working in our waiting, sanctifying us.
    When beyond our understanding , He is teaching us to trust.
    Sovereign Over Us- Aaron Keyes

    If He shut the door on a house that sat vacant so long, then I know you already know you weren’t supposed to live.
    He has already determined the exact times and boundaries of our dwellings Act 17:26-28 This is a verse God has highlighted to me several times when looking for the “right” home. Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • amyeaton says:

      Yes!! Amen!! We know it to be true, that there is purpose in every step. We are praying and trusting. Grateful to be on this journey even though it’s difficult at times, He’s my rock and comfort. And whatever He has planned is all I want and hope for! Thank you friend!! You are an inspiration and treasure 💛


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