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Busy: Permission to Slow Down

It’s my son’s senior year. He’s an athlete and his final football season was quite demanding. This is also the year where school decisions are being made, standardized test (ACT) scores are undeniably critical, and senioritis is a real threat. … Continue reading

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Worship Series – Pieces (Steffany Gretzinger)

Worship Series – Pieces (Steffany Gretzinger) This is a continuation of a series where we are taking a deeper look at worship songs so we can contemplate what they are saying to our own spirits. Sometimes there are songs that … Continue reading

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Reflections of a Military Spouse: Deployment Day 1

Veterans Day and all patriotic holidays grip my heart and make me to think upon the power of Christ in watching over my husband throughout his 17+ years (& counting) that he’s served this great nation.  This photo is from … Continue reading

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Undeserved Grace – A Marriage Moment

Tonight I came home from work and was really crabby. It hadn’t started out that way. In fact, I was super friendly throughout the day, and still friendly while chatting over the phone with my husband on the way home. … Continue reading

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Marriage Tip – Share Your Love Story

Are you married? If you answered yes, then can I ask a question? Did you know marriage is hard? It’s beautiful, chaotic, challenging, and a host of other things all mixed into this incredible experience where two people try to … Continue reading

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Words are lethal… but can also give life…

I often hear people say negative things about their spouse in a joking way… meaning well but unintentionally wounding them. If you do or have done this, I challenge you to go one full week without saying such things (whether … Continue reading

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All the single ladies!

Ok, the title is a bit deceiving since this isn’t just for single ladies but can benefit single guys looking for love & current couples. Read on & it will make sense. During our recent series at church one of … Continue reading

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Amazing Love (A Father’s Day blog)

I married an amazing man. I spent many nights in tears and many moments in prayer, and then I met him. I truly believe he is an answer to long awaited prayers…a blessing…a gift. I am living a life I … Continue reading

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My greatest Hero…is actually two

This was technically from 2.2.11, the posting topic was “Who is your greatest hero”. In reality I have 2. My first is my first love: Jesus. Not to be cliché about it, but seriously…He saved me from a demise that … Continue reading

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Breaking Hearts

Wow, what an amazing quote. ((Thanks for posting this Jan!!)) “”We must move away from asking God to take care of the things that are breaking our hearts to praying about the things that are breaking God’s heart.” – Margaret … Continue reading

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